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Comic 1028 - Book 4 Cover: Starburst and the Royal Guard

24th Jun 2021, 11:00 PM in Rainy Day Filler
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Book 4 Cover: Starburst and the Royal Guard
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Author Notes:

24th Jun 2021, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Heh. It's funny, I'm hoping this one gets some good speculation going and yet it's actually rather hard for me to comment on. Guess since it's kind of not really supposed to be immediately clear what the deal is with the unusual title and some of the visuals here.

We kind of struggled for a bit on how to go about framing this one; original ideas were much more complex with a bunch of other characters present, but the idea got scaled back until eventually it was down to just this. I kind of wonder if it's maybe a little blind given that, but I do like how it came out artistically. Think we both did some good work with this one.

The book logo was something I kind of improvised; seems like how it usually goes for those sub-logos funny enough, actually went through multiple iterations of the logo for the next chapter before I settled on something that I thought worked for it. There'll be more to talk about in regards to that come Monday though. Thanks to everyone for reading thus far and be sure to swing by on Monday for chapter 28, Four Weeks!
24th Jun 2021, 11:06 PM
Adam C.
Heheh.... Yeah, this is really hard to talk about, but just a great image. ^^ Shows off immediately just how big of an impact Hazel is going to have in the next arc and why that's friggin' scary. Also naturally sets up for a lot of shit we plan on revealing in the coming arc. In particular we can see that the lock is going to be an important thing going forward....

I really regret doing that pose for Hazel, which is embarrassing since I asked permission for it. Not because I hate the result, it looks awesome, but it was a pain in the fucking ass to draw. That, coupled with giving him a cool-looking throne... Yeah, this look a lot of work to get right. Was kind of embarrassing.

Either way, hope folks'll enjoy.... ^^


25th Jun 2021, 12:49 AM
Very interesting.