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Comic 1041 - Four Weeks, Page 11

15th Aug 2021, 11:00 PM in 28. Four Weeks
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Four Weeks, Page 11
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Author Notes:

15th Aug 2021, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Something I've been a little worried about with this chapter is the pages often being overwhelmed with dialogue to kind of fit in a snapshot of a whole situation within a single page; this one being not only being relatively light on dialogue but fitting two scenes into a single page I think is a nice way to shake that up.

Speaking of shakeups, so it looks like being able to see Xandy again hasn't done very much to make Alex feel more relaxed about the Dorothy situation. Quite the opposite in fact; it probably feels a bit like Alex's chain is being yanked here, being able to see their daughter again and spend time with her but being handcuffed by having to still live life as Dorothy and dealing with all of the limitations that come from that in regards to doing so.

The last panel's meant to invoke the end of waaaaay back in The Days Go By -


Yeesh, we've come a long way on the art, huh? Still plenty of room for improvement though of course. Motivating factor on the apartment complex looking more detailed here than it usually does; going to try and make that more the norm going forward, been wanting to try to spice up the backgrounds where we can.
16th Aug 2021, 12:15 AM
Adam C.
Heheh... Yeah, I love having little pages like this that are there entirely to emphasize what the status quo is. Letting people step back and look at what's going on and where the characters are right now. Alex still hates the Dorothy situation and wants it fixed, but has more going for them than before, including a set finish line and visits from their little girl.

I like that even with everything going on, Alex still understands that it's important to keep up connections with their friends, and not lose a link to Ropun. Juggling stuff like this sounds like it'd be maddening, and is probably exhausting all on its own, but great to see them rolling with it and starting to come out on top.

There's just something so relaxing and soothing about this page. Something about a character going through a rough time and then collapsing on a bed that just carries an air of rest. ^^


16th Aug 2021, 12:44 AM
Very interesting.