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Comic 1042 - Four Weeks, Page 12

22nd Aug 2021, 11:00 PM in 28. Four Weeks
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Four Weeks, Page 12
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Author Notes:

22nd Aug 2021, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heheheh..... Yeah, felt pretty proud of myself for rushing out the lineart to this one out in one night. This is easily the busiest page in a while, and think it came out pretty damn good. Also boosting on that is looking at the artwork from the last time we drew Man Of The Times, Ozais, and Lara. It was a little over a hundred pages ago but think there's a huge difference in the art quality and it just feels.... good. ^^

But yeah, one element to this that I think was sort of visible in earlier moments talking about the magical community that I'm happy is being spotlighted; there's a degree of contempt for non-magical society. Hints from other warlocks have implied that this attitude is dying out and that the magical communities are becoming less isolational, but we see here there's still a mindset that needs to be pushed through. Doesn't get a lot of focus, but in stories like this I usually don't see that being presented as a bad thing, so glad it's being shown as ugly here.

Not much else to say on this one.... I like the idea that Paxton might have some buried magical potential he doesn't know about, especially his "Oh, hey, that's cool" reactoin to hearing it. Also Derryl double-hugging Sonia and Ana. Always great to see that group. ^^
22nd Aug 2021, 11:04 PM
Martin F.
The Black Court pages of this chapter might be the hardest ones to comment on; I do think there are some pretty clear narrative beats you can see continuing from page to page like building up the god subject they're dealing with now, dealing with Sareena's new look, and introducing Lulu (though this is the last of her screentime for this chapter) but it's more day-in-the-life-ish than the others, without as much of a clear focus as the Hazel, Candice, and Alex plots. I actually do enjoy that about it and think it makes it feel a bit refreshing compared to the others but it does sort of make it hard to talk about from one page to the next knowing what the next one is and all.

It really is weird how long it's been since we've actually touched in with the Man of the Times, but the Black Court in general's been kind of out of focus since fighting the Patriot Initiative; given that was a whole chapter centered on them bringing that storyline to a close I think it makes sense to kind of sideline it though.

Something Adam didn't bring up but probably should've, we're trying to do more shots of faces from different angles. We tend to kind of rely on 3/4 shots a lot of the time so got a little more in the way of looking more directly toward the camera in this one to mix it up a bit. One of a multitude of ways we're trying to really move forward the art of late.


22nd Aug 2021, 11:48 PM
Very interesting.