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Comic 1058 - Four Weeks, Page 27

21st Oct 2021, 11:00 PM in 28. Four Weeks
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Four Weeks, Page 27
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Author Notes:

21st Oct 2021, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heheh.... Yeah, this is honestly a page I was looking forward to doing since the chapter started. Felt so happy to finally get around to it. ^^

So... Candice has worked up a lot of Woobie points since the chapter started, showing her as a really lonely kid who needs a better support group. Giving her a quasi-little-sister felt natural, especially given the half-a-degree-of-separation between her and Xandy. I think Alex specifically arranged it because they knew Candice needed a friend and Xandy would be the perfect way to get one. Plus they just wanted to spend time with Xandy anyway. ^^

Originally Candice's line in the penultimate panel was that the Blues school didn't allow non-Blue children. That's because at the time it was written... it didn't. That was just sort of the official idea. ..... Buuuut, having it actually get said out-loud in the comic felt uncomfortable to me. I get that the school's primary purpose is to shelter and study Blue children, but excluding red-blooded kids just felt discriminatory. It really made me think of how the Xavier academy in Marvel only allows in Mutants. Not even other non-mutant superpowered/genius children like Miles Morales or Power Pack, just mutants only. Didn't feel right, so on the spot it was decided that wasn't a rule anymore.

I think the school DOES have a crazy-high entrance exam because it's built to cater to the fact that Blues kids have higher-than-average IQs. So in it's in practice a school just for them, but a child without the Blue gene who performs well enough can still be placed there. Candice actually could probably get in if she got the chance, but boring day-to-day life-stuff just keep her from getting in (We... kinda need her in WaR for plot reasons). Honestly thinking about it makes me wanna add a "token" red-blooded kid just to hammer the point in.

Either way, cute page of Alex chilling with Xandy and Candice was overdue, and a great addition to late in the chapter. ^^
21st Oct 2021, 11:06 PM
Martin F.
This wraps it up for Candice in this chapter, though seeing as there's only one page left in the chapter anyway I guess that doesn't really mean much. Alex and Xandy still have the last page to go though.

It was kind of nice giving Candice this more kind of happy, somewhat optimistic page to close out her leg of this chapter on, even if it hasn't really resolved any of her problems and she's still kind of awkward in it; think even just kind of having the skeleton of a support system coming together is probably a good thing for her even if she does still have a lot of problems up in the air. We'll be learning a bit more about the whole situation with her and Ivy in the next chapter so look forward to that, though admittedly I haven't entirely decided how upfront I want to be about it just yet.

It was originally stated in the page as it was but this page was reworked a bit due to some confusion that arose on the Discord as to whether Candice was also Alex's daughter or not, figured it was for the better to be very explicit in saying no, she's not, she was born well before Alex and Ivy met.

It's sort of funny, I did kind of wonder if should have Xandy be directed to kind of using some more gender-neutral way to refer to Alex but kind of too attached to the Papa name for them. Alex did say at the time they were kind of okay with whatever and I think it kind of just hits different being gendered in that way by Xandy than it does the way Ivy was doing it thus the dissonance there.

Pretty sure we've explained how Candice's powers work before - if nothing else I know when Glory kidnapped her she was wearing a gas mask - but figured it had been long enough that it warranted a reminder on it. Not that we see her use her powers much (Has she only actually used them in Black Princess, actually? Weird.) but with how overpowered they potentially could be think it kind of bares making it clear there's a very clear and easily exploited weakness to them.


22nd Oct 2021, 1:16 AM
Very interesting.
22nd Oct 2021, 3:31 PM
Oh, oh, yes, make some flowers. A crown of buttercups for Alex please
24th Oct 2021, 5:11 PM
Adam C.
Heh. Nice specific choice on flower type. ^^
1st Jan 2022, 1:54 AM
As many cases for Children like Xandy and Candis who are related by sharing a half-sibling also share a pair of parents that were at least at some point married to them so that they also fall under stepsibling even if the parent later divorce. Make the cases where stepsibling doesn't override pretty. but an obscure term for them that got printed in the Guardian is "Cross-siblings" (as in if out garage their connections in a geomentric digrame showing the connection, the would be sit across from eachouth surround by connections but not connecting directly themselves so "cross-sibling" become the line crossing that gap