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Comic 270 - A Time For Work, Page 2

21st Apr 2013, 11:00 PM in 9. A Time For Work
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A Time For Work, Page 2
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Author Notes:

21st Apr 2013, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
If you missed it, we put up something for the Day of Silence on Friday. Be sure to back up and give it a look if you did.

And it turns out, that also gave us a bit of a misdirection for Alex's new appearance debuting here! Yeah, the glasses thing was hinted at a couple of times back in the chapter seven, and it coming up now is probably an indicator of the fact that this chapter was originally intended to be the eighth; probably would have gone ahead and introduced it in the last one if not for the previous chapter taking place the day after the seventh.

The glasses thing will carry with it one other change - I'm sure some folks have noticed that in some early standalone pictures Starchild has green eyes, and this is also leading into that.

Not a whole lot else to say on this one offhand, but hoping everyone enjoys. Again, this one was kind of adapted from a page meant for the previous format and schedule; the next page is pretty much the last of those, but all the same, do think this one works a bit better than the last one did given if Alex and Sarabeth had this conversation back in the first chapter it probably would have taken like four pages.
21st Apr 2013, 11:33 PM
Adam C.
Wait, that's Jenny's Super-Speed effect. She must've run to Atlanta to mess with Alex by pulling down his glasses! Of course!

Until this page was done, Glasses were the biggest Goddamn hassle for me. I had zero idea how to make them look. Go over to Blues and look at how I've drawn Lori's glasses; look how terrible they are. I had been dreading this page forever just because I hated the idea of having to draw glasses.

Once I came up, I actually sat down and figured it out. Since my art style has the eyes so damn big, it's always tricky, but think I finally got it done. For that, I'm actually glad Martin put these in; about time I figured it out. ^^ Art evolution is always a biggest plus for working on the comic.

Glasses look good on Alex too... That said, think I might already be resenting the new schedule since I hate that it'll take a week to find out what's going on in the last panel. Then again, we're approaching crunch time for the end of the semester, so doubt I can even keep up with the schedule as it is now. Thank god we've worked up a buffer by now.


22nd Apr 2013, 2:23 AM
I have seen Starchild with green eyes, her eyes are green in that page in the bonus section and in a bio I read on your DA page it said Starchild wears green contact lens, those green contact lens are going to make Starchild and Stargirl look even more alike.
22nd Apr 2013, 6:02 PM
Martin F.
Heh. Guess you've seen a lot of the side content. As for the Stargirl thing, yeah, some good luck for O'Hara there with the resemblance but guess she'd better hope there aren't any other appearance alterations for Starchild beyond that.