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Comic 295 - A Time For Work, Page 27

15th Sep 2013, 11:00 PM in 9. A Time For Work
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A Time For Work, Page 27
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Author Notes:

15th Sep 2013, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Indeed it is - said awkward car ride will come next week, so be sure to swing by.

I considered a few different ways to go about this sequence, like Bullet Time getting away but Alex having earlier told him to deliver a message, then there'd be a scene later on with Bullet Time swinging by to give Alex O'Hara's reply. I decided that was both too indirect and likely too time-consuming, though, and I wanted to have Bullet Time be more decisively beaten since we haven't really gotten as much of that in the comic so far as we maybe should.

Like the touch with Reality screwing with Bullet Time in the background, that was Adam's idea there. It was in the script that Bullet Time was handcuffed around a street light and gagged with a T-shirt at least. Though the idea with that was that someone pulled his shirt off and stuffed it in his mouth, which'd also give us a more thorough look at his tattoos in the process. Maybe we'll see those next time.

This is the last we'll hear from O'Hara for a bit, by the way. She'll be in the next chapter, but it'll be a decent ways in. Not to say that we won't be hearing from her camp otherwise, mind you.
15th Sep 2013, 11:24 PM
Adam C.
Reality did strike me as the kind of guy who's spiteful, vindictive, and dishonorable enough to do something like that, yeah. ^^ Kinda wasn't sure about the shirt thing, but figured on having a spare one just because I mostly didn't want to draw a lot of tattoos.

Not a lot else to say about this; do like the line from O'Hara, and eager to see where it goes. Well, know where it goes, just wanna see it happen.

Yeah, don't have much else to talk about for this one. Next week certainly, but not here. ^^

Oh, right, Martin told me to edit the shirt-thing into the script, but I neglected to do so and just easily remembered it when the time came. But also forgot to do another last-minute change a few pages from now so eh.


16th Sep 2013, 12:34 AM
What I've read about Reality pretty much says he has an overinflated ego, Narcisco's got her work cut out for her trying to handle him, Captain Mercury, Golden Girl and Venus Rockstar, and next week's page certainly sounds interesting.
17th Sep 2013, 1:54 AM
Martin F.
Yeah, that's a big planned part of his character, kind of being used to thinking of himself as a big deal and expecting everything to come naturally to him. Hope you enjoy that next page, pretty happy with it.