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Comic 367 - Red, White, and Blue, Page 26

26th Oct 2014, 11:00 PM in 11. Red, White, and Blue
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Red, White, and Blue, Page 26
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Author Notes:

26th Oct 2014, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Since the first is on Saturday and it'd screw with BP to do it otherwise, bonus page is coming on the 31st. Yeah, we're managing the bonus page for this month, woo!

And so ends chapter eleven. Think it's a pretty clear set-up of what's coming in the near future - for all of the talk, I wonder how McShay will do when we finally see her in action. Won't be long, that.

Not sure what all I've really got to say on this one really given it's a pretty simple one, but I am happy with it. Really eager to get to the next chapter, it's going to be a big one, but we have some stuff to get to first.

Be sure to swing by for the next few pages, since the in-between chapters pages are canon, and actually have two big reveals for later. Stay tuned for those.
26th Oct 2014, 11:09 PM
Adam C.
Ughhhh... Scatterbrained and got a lot on my plate tonight.... Doesn't help this page leaves me with very little to say. It's mostly reaction shots, which are fun, but mostly just build-up for McShay.

Kinda think its neat how the character's changed over the years, was originally pitched for a villain for Blues I think, then moved to this other project Militant Gold, then wound up here. And, naturally, was very different when first made.

Can get into that another time, that's all I got right now. Oh! Come by Blue Blood Heroes on Friday. The kids will have dressed for the upcoming holiday.


26th Oct 2014, 11:15 PM
So McShay's display made Alex excited rather than scared, very interesting.
26th Oct 2014, 11:22 PM
Martin F.
Heh, glad you think so. Hope you swing by for the filler pages coming up, some big stuff in those.