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Comic 373 - Sound Alive, Page 1

30th Nov 2014, 11:00 PM in 12. Sound Alive
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Sound Alive, Page 1
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Author Notes:

30th Nov 2014, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
I love getting to draw Alex. ^^ Naturally, it's a great sign that the re-designs get welcomed in by getting to see him again. ... Sorta. Okay, there was the filler, but that hardly counts, right? Right?

That said, yeah, this is a weird, creepy way of opening the chapter, isn't it? I really love the top half of the page. I just love doing night scenes in general since I think they have a lot of potential for mood; one of which is serene and relaxed. Just like how it comes out. Naturally it going left is nice too, but really enjoy the first atmosphere.

I almost wanted to ask Alex if the dream was supposed to be Freudian in a way. I mean, Alex is interacting with Ivy who he has a lot of sexual tension with, and then he's penetrated by her, so is it a sense that being Dorothy for this long is making him lose his masculinity? Am I thinking too much about this? Whatever, still very creepy and disturbing without any sexual undertones. As a psych student I'm well-versed in the flaws and inconsistencies of Freudian theory anyway, so don't think that's the case. Just kept nagging at me while I was drawing it.
30th Nov 2014, 11:15 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, right off the bat we've got a hook for the next chapter. There'll be more of that as the chapter goes but in general this is going to be a busy one, whole lot is going to be going on pretty much from the word go.

Do like that reading Adam put into it, though I didn't really think that far ahead on it. It's more supposed to be kind of a sign of the sort of relationship Alex and Ivy have more than anything. Still, you can certainly feel free to interpret it however you wish, and I do intend to do more stuff with what life as Dorothy's doing to Alex on a mental level sooner rather than later. Like I said for the year five preview, this is going to be a rough year for Alex in general.

So yeah, we've got the redesigns in motion, in a state where we're now a little more used to them! Yeah, think seeing it in action like this Alex doesn't look quite as unusual compared to before as he easily could, which is a good sign. Some growing pains on it still to come but I like how it's looking for the time being here.

Next page we'll be cutting over to Rin, by the way. It's weird how he keeps falling into this, "Appears every other chapter," thing. That's not entirely intentional but I think it's actually working out pretty well.


30th Nov 2014, 11:23 PM
Alex and Ivy have an interesting relationship to say the least and I'm worried about seeing Rin, his mental state is surely even worse by now.
4th Dec 2014, 10:55 PM
Martin F.
Here's hoping he's not doing too badly, eh?