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Comic 374 - Sound Alive, Page 2

7th Dec 2014, 11:00 PM in 12. Sound Alive
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Sound Alive, Page 2
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Author Notes:

7th Dec 2014, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
This page has been weird in that it's gone through like three different revisions. Initially it was to add the stubble - which was in the script, just left out of the initial drawing - and to edit one face a bit, then this morning I tweaked the faces to try and make it a little more in line with the redesigns since initially the differences weren't showing as much as I'd like since this page was made at a busy time, then Adam tweaked it further to address a part I was having issues with trying to correct myself.

So yeah, Rin isn't looking too hot. Funny thing about this page actually tying back to the revisions bit - it was actually a late addition in its own right. This chapter's been weird to write in that so far at least three pages have been inserted retroactively into it, though doing that once or twice isn't that unusual for me. Hell, the first page of the new BP chapter the last two panels were added late. I do have a very clear idea of where things are heading most of the time, but every now and then you have a thought on how to tweak something to make it better.

In this case it was mostly done with the purpose in mind of showing Rin early on before we cut back to him later, as well as putting in a break between two mostly unrelated scenes with Alex since it'd be an awkward transition otherwise. Next retroactively added page won't take long, shows up two pages from now and was just written this morning. Now that one's very last minute, though it mostly has stuff that was going to come up a little later anyway just moved to a different point.

Not sure what else I've really got here, page is pretty self-explanatory. It's weird how BP's current chapter heavily features cars but they show up in WaR's chapter twelve first. Well, we'd already drawn BP pages with them before doing this one since the filler screwed up the schedule between them, but still. Be a few pages yet before those come up in BP.

Think that's about all I've got, doesn't help I'm submitting this while feeling pretty tired. Hope everyone enjoys, though!

Oh, also, December 8th is Abe's birthday so be sure to wish him well! Somebody or other else's birthday too, forget who.
7th Dec 2014, 11:10 PM
Adam C.
It's Martin's birthday, folks. Everbody wish him well. ^^ .... Well, okay, I'm typing this with 56 minutes to go, but "officially" this page is going up on his birthday. So yeah! Awesome!

Page was really simple, which was good because I think this came up just before my finals rush, which is sadly still going on, but fortunately a good deal easier due to the hardest of them being out of the way. Still, be happy when it's all over and I'll have assurance that I'll be getting that diploma in less than a week.

Yeah, really did like getting to do Rin, though Martin pointed out originally in the lineart he looked mostly how he did pre-redesign, hence him re-drawing this page to better reflect it. Is a good deal better for it, and will try and keep a closer eye on that myself in the future. ^^ We also see just how big Rin's estate is, and that there's more than one building on his land.

Hope you folks enjoy. ^^ Fifty minutes now.


7th Dec 2014, 11:17 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Martin and Abe! Rin looks horrible and I can't picture him driving, did O'Hara find some way to shut down his phone service.
12th Dec 2014, 10:07 AM
Martin F.
Heh, appreciate it, means a lot. But no, I was just figuring she replaced the number in Rin's phone and maybe removed or replaced anywhere he might've had it written down. Seems to have pretty free run of the place with Rin in the state he's in.