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Comic 386 - Sound Alive, Page 13

22nd Feb 2015, 11:00 PM in 12. Sound Alive
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Sound Alive, Page 13
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Author Notes:

22nd Feb 2015, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
The week I'd drawn this I'd been really depressed. I've been job-hunting and one of the jobs I was looking at being likely to get I felt would've been a bad fit for me personally. For some reason the thought of it just filled me with anxiety. I had trouble drawing the comics just because there was this miserable air floating over me (that and the comics for that week weren't that exciting). By the time I got to this one I felt pretty defeated.

Then I slowly started wrapping it up, tweaking details and adding little extra pieces to make sure you could get the impact and the pain of what was going on. Soon I was finishing the page and getting it ready to send, and I was able to stand back and look at it. Something about it really perked me up, like Alex's triumphant roundhouse kick was to all my anxieties. Soon enough I get a few more interviews to jobs which look much better for me, and if nothing else indicate that the economy's not so terrible I have to be resigned to whatever first comes along (which, being a glass-half-empty-til-proven-otherwise kinda guy, was my first assumption).

So yeah, very happy with the page just because of the context. ^^ Just makes me wanna go "FUCK YEAH!"

Hope you folks enjoy. Not much to say about the page itself, sadly, though really loved getting to do the smacking and impact of the whole thing.
22nd Feb 2015, 11:36 PM
Martin F.
Well, I've been trying to comment for the last twenty minutes, but the decent computer here's tied up - I need to haul that thing back to my room or something - and mine's lagging up like nuts. Which is also something that has been affecting my ability to color lately.

Anyway, yeah, this page... Pretty happy with it myself, really feels like the fight's kicking into gear I think. Though I am kind of blanking on things to say about it, probably in part because my computer's lagging up too much as I'm writing this to actually be looking at the page in the process so really working from memory.

One thing offhand, asked Adam to handle the detailing on this page for a kind of dumb reason - been dealing with some extremely bad weather here for the past week or so, and the tablet was really cold against my hand. I did do a chunk of the detailing, but had to pass the buck to him. Though admittedly I probably could've toughed through it and mostly was just feeling kind of lazy, though the tablet thing was a big part of why that was.

Sure given my tendency to bring up random wrestling stuff in my comments anyone reading this is expecting me to complain about Reigns beating Bryan but... Meh, I was probably skipping Mania regardless because I just soooo don't give a shit about WWE right now. I think it's an absolutely idiotic decision, but it doesn't really bother me that much since the show's going to suck anyway and I completely saw it coming.

Christ, this computer. I'd probably have better luck trying to retype all of this on my Wii U than trying to open up the website so I can actually post this - typing it out in Wordpad. It's seriously been like a ten minute process just with me trying to come up with shit to say to kill time until the site opens.

There it is, about time. And... Yeah, looking at it think I've summed up everything of note about the page. I really need to figure out how to color blood better, I can just never seem to get the right tint on it. I also need to figure out how to address MS's deal with lines, because they either come out distractingly light or distractingly dark, no exceptions - there've been times I've literally just used the same color for a border as what's inside of it and you can still tell a difference just due to how poorly it does with thin lines. It's really irritating honestly.

Also, there's a new episode of Webcomicast up, but with this computer acting like it is there's no way I'm fighting trying to grab the link. I'll either edit it in later or Adam can handle it.
22nd Feb 2015, 11:43 PM
Adam C.
Don't worry, friend, I got it. ^^
Webcomicast #5- Nightfighter

This one was done by request and read specifically for the show. Enjoy! ^^


22nd Feb 2015, 11:50 PM
So Alex finally gets a chance to attack, wonder what's going to happen next.