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Comic 397 - Sound Alive, Page 24

10th May 2015, 11:00 PM in 12. Sound Alive
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Sound Alive, Page 24
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Author Notes:

10th May 2015, 11:00 PM
Adam C.

Yeah, we are NOT doing this that often. ^^ This is a good deal of work so it's going to be a special-occasion thing. In this case, celebrating the 350th Story Page. This actually wasn't TOO bad. It took a while, but pages that are dialog-heavy are relatively easy, and just before this I did a double-length page on Blues to celebrate it's 400th page. The head-count was through the damn roof.

Thank God O'Hara had to wear a scarf to appear on TV. Me and Martin both totally regret giving her those tattoos. In general, really like the handling of this page, especially the tying in to see Rin in the taxi hearing it himself. And while it's such a simple thing, doubling the page length, it does do a good deal to make the page seem way more memorable and monumental.

Like I said, we're probably NOT going to do this every 50 pages, this was kinda-sorta just to test it out and think it worked great. ^^
10th May 2015, 11:25 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, likely not doing this sort of thing every 50th page or anything close to it, and there'll be times it's done without any particular occasion in mind and just because it's warranted. For instance, no guarantees but a page coming up in BP has a good chance of being one just due to the demands of the script. Though that's less due to calling for a lot of panels and more just calling for a lot of space for a couple in particular.

Anyway, yeah, this was done for a few reasons - wanted to experiment with the format (which as mentioned had already been done with Blues, though was actually my idea - had it in mind for some specific sequences down the line), had a lot I wanted to cram in without sinking much time into it, wanted to at least do something for page 350 and getting through the O'Hara thing seemed like a good way to do it....

Yeah. Think that essentially sums it up. And... Damn it, I forgot Rin's stubble. There's another page I also need to edit that in on, I'll do both of those later on or something.

Yeah. Anyway, think there's been a good bit setting this page up, if only that we first heard about the thing with Dunning Monroe's mom dying back when we first met the character. Also been kind of mindful of how I've been writing the Alex and McShay fight, making it sort of competitive but also really never wanting Alex to look like he's actually had the thing won at any point. One big aim with this chapter has been making McShay look like a beast.


10th May 2015, 11:34 PM
Rin's also missing his glasses Martin. Wow there's so much content here great job guys.
10th May 2015, 11:38 PM
Martin F.
Glad you like. I had actually noticed on the glasses and figured he just wasn't presently wearing them, but probably edit them in with the facial hair.