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Comic 436 - Shopping Star, Burning Bright- Page 20

29th Oct 2015, 11:00 PM in 13. Shopping Star, Burning Bright
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Shopping Star, Burning Bright- Page 20
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Author Notes:

29th Oct 2015, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Hey, lookit, I colored this one. ^^ Martin was feeling a bit ill, which is on the way to improving now, so was happy to help out on that front. Helps this is a piss-easy page on the coloring front.

More importantly; LOOK AT THAT GUN! Oh, my God, that was a huge improvement. ^^ I've had trouble drawing hands holding certain things, and guns have been no exception. They always come out looking wonky and weird; hence why in Blues, Shinobu only makes laser guns that look like toys, because realistic ones are so damn hard. Then at some point during this page something clicked and I was able to handle a good-looking realistic gun-holding. ^^

Seriously. Look at the comparison. One is just before I realized how to draw it, other is just after.

Sometimes art is nothing but a series of tiny victories that slowly accumulate into improvement. This is a tiny victory and I'm very happy. ^^
29th Oct 2015, 11:06 PM
Martin F.
So... Yeah, stressful day. Both for Rin and for a lot of the days I've had this week.

Am doing better though, no need to worry. After that work drought I mentioned in my Blues comments and after Adam colored this one while I was in the hospital having bloodwork and X-rays done over my foot, I've proceeded to over the past couple of days rush through coloring the entire sitting backlog of pages for the comics. So yeah, things are doing fine presently.

Not sure what I've really got to say here though. Always kind of a problem for in the middle of an extended sequence like this, doesn't lend itself well to individual thoughts. Not coloring this one myself sure doesn't help with that. Still, liking how it came out and hope readers do too!


29th Oct 2015, 11:17 PM
Why did Power have to go and add more unneeded stress in Rin's life, he's going to have a complete mental breakdown at this rate.