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Comic 440 - Shopping Star, Burning Bright- Page 24

12th Nov 2015, 11:00 PM in 13. Shopping Star, Burning Bright
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Shopping Star, Burning Bright- Page 24
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Author Notes:

12th Nov 2015, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heheh... Yeah, this didn't take nearly the amount of time you'd think. Actually we managed to get this page out fairly quickly.

A lot going on in that first panel, though honestly as many cameos as there could've been. Flash Sentry from Ponies is in the extreme foreground... When I only had the top-left area of that panel left I suddenly got the idea to do a lot of Star Trek cameos. Odo, Keiko, Miles O'Brien, and Quark-without-his-make-up are sitting at a table, waiting for Bashir to pick up their orders. Which he's getting from Neelix-without-his-make-up. Meanwhile, one of the Rikers stands nearby, presumably waiting in line.

Carla and Ellen are also there, those blokes from Section 24 who helped trap Alex in Dorothy's body. Carla appears to be looking at her in surprise. The pair of redheads in the right-corner are also characters coming for Militant Gold, but think Martin should talk about them. ^^

Yeah, the script called for some elaborate visuals and will admit it was fun to get to it. The song Alex and Laura are singing WAS the subject of some consideration, but again, Martin's more apt to talk about it. .... I will say that judging by her expression Laura probably gets really operatic when singing, like Meatloaf-style.
12th Nov 2015, 11:07 PM
Martin F.
Here's the song that's being sung if curious - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSAqkGU2nQ4

Yeah, had two ideas on the song they could be singing. The other one is probably showing up in another context soon anyway so won't say what it was; still gets an acknowledgement there in the, "You still owe me one of mine," bit.

As for that pair of redheads there, their names are Kelly and Nathan Kane, and they're planned for Militant Gold; don't want to give too many details on them right now, but have a lot in mind. Will mention, since it was supposed to be shown in this page and kind of just didn't wind up being fit in, that she is something of a rival of Chloe's. Speaking of for those wondering, plan is to try and get Militant Gold into the script stage sooner rather than later, though dunno when exactly it'll start being drawn up and such.

Think that's really all I've got offhand. Y'know, for being such a mellow song, Ropun gets really, really into it.


12th Nov 2015, 11:18 PM
Lillian looks so upset and mad, wonder what's going to happen next.