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Comic 454 - Shopping Star, Burning Bright- Page 37

31st Dec 2015, 11:00 PM in 13. Shopping Star, Burning Bright
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Shopping Star, Burning Bright- Page 37
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Author Notes:

31st Dec 2015, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Happy New Year! Let's ring in 2016 with Sareena's Supergirl panties!

Was a really tiny touch I threw in outside of the script that I think made the page a dozen times better. ^^ Even had to add Misty's little "Supergirl" line to match.

So yeah. Sareena has a cutie mark now. You KNOW Lore over in Blues is super-jealous. ^^

Fun fact; I actually had to look up pictures for reference on that first panel. Had to go to... unscrupulous web-sites to get that precise pose....
31st Dec 2015, 11:16 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, this is pretty much supposed to be a big, out of nowhere, "Um, what?" moment. There is a reason for her doing this, isn't just being random, that we'll come back to down the line.

The cutie mark aspect of it... It was noticed pretty much immediately and is how I explained the concept to Adam when we designed it, but wasn't in my mind coming up with it. Main thought process was just giving Sareena some kind of small visual mark for what Demon!Ana has in mind catered to her general aesthetic / personality, and putting it somewhere where it would be out of the way and not immediately visible. And that would be why she's not getting Misty right now.

This'll be the last page for awhile where we really focus on this group. They don't appear again for the rest of this chapter, and while they're in the next one their roles are minor. Sort of, what exactly is going on there will likely become clear when we get to it. Also Ana does have some indirect involvement in the between-chapters filler, so there's that.

Speaking of, two pages left in the chapter, both closing off some loose ends and setting things up for the future though neither one really directly leading into the next chapter itself. We'll have a four page filler arc after those, then we'll get to chapter fourteen - Like the Rain, They Fall. On another note, I need to stop putting commas in the chapter titles, it's really awkward to type around and not counting BP chapters that one will be the third of the four chapters to have one.

We'll be seeing somebody who hasn't shown up in BP in a bit in the next page, and who has never shown up in WaR. Stay tuned!


31st Dec 2015, 11:36 PM
This is funny, oh come on Misty it's not like you haven't seen Sareena's panties before, looking forward to the next page.
3rd Jan 2016, 6:16 PM
Martin F.
Heh, true, but still, your friend has her underwear flashed in public, a true companion will mock them for it.