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Comic 473 - Like The Rain, They Fall- Page 12

6th Mar 2016, 11:00 PM in 14. Like The Rain, They Fall
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Like The Rain, They Fall- Page 12
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Author Notes:

6th Mar 2016, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Martin usually gives me a lot of freedom when doing WaR but there was nothing quite like this page. ^^ The script didn't give out details for individual panels, just a vague outline for events; Power beats the shit out of a series of challengers, and in between Alex showboats trying to goad her into a fight which slowly but surely pisses her off more and more.

I'm kinda touched I was given such free reign on this page; naturally tried to make it look pretty nice and get some good action into a small amount of space. In particular I really wanted to work those velvet ropes into combat the second I was given the chance, hence why we get two fights won by Ivy using them as weapons.

Think my favorite bit here is Power actually joining in with Alex's showboating, hyping him up like one of those ringside managers you see in a Wrestling match. Again, goes to show that Alex has a talent for making friends out of enemies. If anything should've gone more extreme with it, like have Power and Glory on either side of him.

Also I like that Ivy doesn't look at Not-Chakotay in the last panel, she just keeps eye-contact with Alex. In her mind she's saying, "Watch me almost kill this guy. You watch me do it, you bitch."

The new guy in the first two panels getting the crap kicked out of him is based on Koga from Pokemon. Me and Martin have been re-playing Yellow since they got put on eShop and we've had the series on the brain. Hell, I'm drawing another page for later in the chapter at the moment and it features a hero based on a different Kanto Gym Leader. I'm actually grinding my team to fight Koga and Sabrina as I'm typing this.
6th Mar 2016, 11:09 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, since the basic premise of this page was basically just, "Alex taunts while Ivy hurts people," I really didn't have much in particular I needed to script into this and figured I'd just let Adam do as he pleased, since it's a good chance to just go nuts and work outside the usual constraints of the scripts.

Had some ideas on potential finishes to fights Ivy could be having for sure, but nothing I was really so attached to as to really make dead sure it was in when I could just hand over an all art-driven page over to Adam and let him go nuts doing whatever he pleases with it. Guess kind of the same rationale for why there tends to be at least one splash page a chapter - well, kinda-sorta, that's more for having a quick little break page while this is more of an excuse to goof off but still takes work - but at least kind of a similar philosophy. Though there isn't a splash page in this chapter if you're wondering.

I kind of like to think with those second and third fights those weren't even close enough for Ivy to actually need to use weapons. She just did it because she could and because she's in a bad mood.

It'll still be awhile yet before we actually get to the Alex / Ivy fight though, because there are some other things along the way we'll need to cover first off. Still, very fond of what all's coming up after this point, and hopefully everyone enjoys!


6th Mar 2016, 11:17 PM
I can just see how Ivy keeps getting madder and madder as the page progresses, Alex really knows what buttons to push, I wonder if her foul mood is going to land anybody in the hospital.
6th Mar 2016, 11:18 PM
Martin F.
Probably a pretty decent chance of it, yeah. And who's to say it won't be Alex winding up there?
6th Mar 2016, 11:19 PM
Adam C.
Fun fact; While doing this page I wound up asking Martin if it'd be okay if she kicked somebody through a window.