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Comic 526 - Storms Are Brewing- Page 25

8th Sep 2016, 11:00 PM in 15. Storms Are Brewing
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Storms Are Brewing- Page 25
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Author Notes:

8th Sep 2016, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Hey, White Noise's back. ^^ As is the inside of Sareena and Mist's apartment.

Yeah, really enjoyed seeing White Noise again. ^^ Always thought she had one of the most striking, ominous designs in the comics. I think the thing with the curtain was my idea; just a way to make her seem more mysterious when coming in. .... Huh. Come to think of it, I might to give her a glare on her eyes, like light hitting the lenses. Pity I missed that. Would've looked cool.

The script outlined the scenario that Sareena bought comics on the way home and is reading them to find she can't get into them. I've been in that situation a lot myself. Hell, the more recent times that's happened to me have been with Superman (The New 52 reboot wasn't kind to the big guy). That's not even why I made the comic she's reading a Superman one, that was just because she's a huge fan of the guy.

I feel like in this universe the Green Lantern getting the starring bid in the comics is Alan Scott. And that's not just because I don't like Hal Jordan (my favorite GL is actually Kyle Rayner), just something about Alan Scott feels very close to this comic's universe. Personally I've always felt they should make Alan Scott the focus if they try another Green Lantern movie, but DC's just got this weird hard-on for Hal Jordan.
9th Sep 2016, 7:48 AM
Martin F.
Yeah, been awhile since we've seen White Noise. Last appearance period was as part of the illusion going on back in Sunset Princess I believe, but last time she herself actually showed up I think was in A Time for Work. Also the first time we've been in Sareena and Misty's apartment since Sunset Princess I believe, and think first time in their living room since Ghosts in the Attic.

Not sure how much else I've really got here offhand but yeah, always good seeing White Noise. Going to get a little bit more insight into her and some of what she's angling at in this sequence.


9th Sep 2016, 2:06 PM
Well this is certainly an interesting page, looking forward to the next one.