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Comic 540 - Storms Are Brewing- Page 38

27th Oct 2016, 11:00 PM in 15. Storms Are Brewing
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Storms Are Brewing- Page 38
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Author Notes:

27th Oct 2016, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
And the chapter's all done! ^^ Tune in on Monday for the start of the Halloween chapter. Also swing by Blues at that point for the annual Halloween picture there.

But yeah, was a good point from Candice; Alex fighting and stopping crimes in Dorothy's body is at least excusable, but there's really no reason to have had his annual fight with Ivy League. Especially when Alex knew going in he'd lose and probably be even more badly hurt than he was already. What makes Alex a likeable character is you can tell he immediately feels guilty about this and will try to scale it back and not take any unneeded risks in the future.

Likewise on the whole "Nobody notices Dorothy's gone" thing. That's especially dark when you consider Dorothy's mom hasn't even noticed her daughter's been kidnapped and a stranger is wearing her skin.

For the record, there has been talk about putting Candice in the Blues school, just it'd make things really awkward to have her flown from Texas to Georgia repeatedly. .... Plus I like the character but I honestly dunno what I'd do with her. ^^
27th Oct 2016, 11:59 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, really wanted this chapter wrapped up and ready to go in time for the Halloween one to at least start on Halloween, and just barely squeaked in on it. Cover goes up on Halloween.

Yeah, I've been for a good while kind of intentionally writing Alex doing some shady things and not actually taking Dorothy into account as much as he says he does, mostly for something like this. The Carolina thing I mentioned last page relates to that, it fit nicely with the general angle I was wanting to work at here, that really Alex hasn't even tried all that much to pass himself off as Dorothy and instead is just living life as himself in her body.

I've also really wanted to for a long time build up a relationship between Alex and Candice, and this is some good groundwork for that. Shame it can't really be immediately followed up on because Candice is not in the Halloween chapter, but what can ya do I guess. I do still definitely want to revisit it sooner rather than later, and some of the themes of this conversation are relevant to the next chapter.

Lillian thing fits well in with that too really. In general I've been liking doing a lot more exploration of who exactly Dorothy herself is and how much things have really changed with her not actually around, and I've got some plans to go into it moreso in the future.

That said, next chapter - The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special - starts on Monday. There's a pretty good chance it's going to be the longest chapter to date so strap in.


28th Oct 2016, 12:19 AM
Very, very interesting, wonder what's going to happen in the next chapter.