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Comic 561 - The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special, Page 18

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The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special, Page 18
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Author Notes:

8th Jan 2017, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
It's okay, everybody! Ropun's fine! .... Yeah, picking that picture to go on break after was a massive cocktease. We're assholes and we're sorry. That last page was just soooo good. ^^

Our costumes for this page include Sailor Moon, Business!Deadpool, Amon, Geno, and Mystery Woman. .... That last one's how the character's credited. She's from Steven Universe.

But yeah, the whole point is that even if Laura's not in danger, the show is sending a message saying "I know you're watching. I'm gonna fuck around with you all night."

In case you didn't realized, yes. This show is basically a Creepypasta. ^^
10th Jan 2017, 10:22 PM
Martin F.

Yeah, this'd probably work a little better without the filler, but it was pretty needed when we did it due to real world issues coming up. Either way intent's still pretty clear within the two pages themselves - last one starts goofy and ends serious, this one loops back around to starting serious and ending goofy, all while establishing the note that the TV is watching back and willing to play mind games. Naturally not the last time we'll be seeing that in this chapter - rather appropriately I just finished writing up one of the scenes where that happens a little bit ago.

This page was pretty fun as just an excuse to flex and do some quick goofy fun in terms of the middle panel and the last. It's always nice to get an excuse to do some hokey visuals and have a little brevity, and while this chapter does go serious at points it doesn't hurt after the last one to have some extended fun with the premise along the way.

Incidentally, next page we'll be turning our focus back over toward Hazel and with it we'll be seeing a couple of characters who haven't shown up in a looooong time, so be sure to swing by on Friday for that.

Laura kind of hauled ass going from running in the room, doing a cheer, backflipping out, then apparently running down stairs and immediately starting into a cheerleading routine, huh?


8th Jan 2017, 11:10 PM
Very interesting, wonder what in the world's going to happen now.
12th Jan 2017, 10:45 AM
Adam C.
Do hope you'll enjoy what's coming. ^^
11th Jan 2017, 5:35 PM
What the?

That's not creepy at all /sarc.
12th Jan 2017, 10:47 AM
Adam C.
Heheh... Keep watching. ^^