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Comic 578 - The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special, Page 35

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The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special, Page 35
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Author Notes:

9th Mar 2017, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Goddamnit. Okay, listen, I'm getting another tooth out. ... Yes. Fucking again. So Monday and next Friday we'll be taking a break and putting up fillers. We're really sorry for this, and hope you can bear with us on it.

Heheh... I smiled a good deal after seeing this script. I kinda like Christine and I really love Alex's little mini-quest just to get her to open up and become a better person away from O'Hara's influence. Not a huge plotline but always really nice to get back to. The fact that she's being totally Tsundere here is icing on the cake. ^^ Love the little blush on her face in panel 2.

Am liking Chris quite a bit too. Me and Martin are actually kind of unsure about his design, but he IS pretty fun to draw.

I'm honestly kinda jealous of the whole "We have taken up arms" thing the Patriot Initiative thing does to announce their presence. That anticipatory effect where a character's arrival is felt before they show up can work to convey a lot of emotions, especially for a villainous group.
9th Mar 2017, 11:06 PM
Martin F.
Christina's been a little awkward to dance around in that I'd like to give her a fair bit of screentime and keep her storyline going, but with a lot of what's been going on I've been kind of limited in that.

Speaking of, I guess her nose wasn't as bad off as it could've been, given this is just a few days after she mentioned having a mask for it when Alex was talking to her in Like the Rain. I guess it was probably just a precautionary measure that got taken off when it was no longer needed, or being like she is she just opted to ditch it once out of the house doctor's orders be damned. The real reason of course is I didn't think of it before we saw her at the party earlier in the chapter, but that's still not all that hard to explain one way or another in-universe so whatever.

Also on the subject of rarely seen, more Chris! Been kind of left to the wayside for a lot of the party, and a lot of time in general really since first being introduced. Do like at least getting to do a little bit more with him here and do a little flexing with the character before we spend a significant amount of time with him in the date chapter we've been building up to.

Granted, that's still quiiiite a ways off. This chapter script-wise is already past the longest one to date and still has a good bit left to be written so... Yeah. And I've kicked around doing a short chapter not related to the date thing before it, though I'm really not sure - kind of see how I feel when I finish this one probably since the two chapters while both needed can kind of go in either order with no trouble.

Whatever, cross that bridge when it comes to it. For now I like getting to work in a little bit more with Christina and kind of show her becoming a little bit more comfortable around Alex despite protests to the contrary, and getting to both see Chris play off someone else a little and see Christina talking to someone besides Alex or O'Hara. And I think this is actually the first time we've ever actually seen Chris interact with anyone besides Alex, which was becoming a little weird. Though granted not that weird, Chris to date has only actually been maybe four pages or so. Long gap between appearances.

Naturally shift toward the Patriot Initiative is coming up next page, though be a bit of a break first due to Adam's dental issues unfortunately. Plus side is this is kind of a good place for a break between that hook and the next page shifting the focus over to that plot and away from these three.


9th Mar 2017, 11:17 PM
Very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next, and I hope your mouth feels better soon Adam.