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Comic 590 - The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special, Page 45

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The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special, Page 45
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Author Notes:

20th Apr 2017, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heh... Yeah, this page was a lot of fun to go with. For once not only went crazy on the background, but on four backgrounds. The group all getting separated like that is a weird thing to try to try and convey, but think it went alright. ^^

I like the idea of all walking through the same door and finding yourselves in various weird, goofy sets. It's the kind of thing that's both silly and kinda creepy. Was just given free reign on what to do with the four backgrounds and think it went alright. Think my favorite is Sareena's; not only is she being mocked by those posters by the door, but there's also the dead witch under the house, and the witch-ghost over the feet. It's goofy, but it's also clearly a threat. Sorta like Blasko himself.

Sucks that's the only background directly related to the characters, though. I really should've done a demon thing with Ana, like have her in a goofy Hell area with cartoony pitchfork devils. I think because silly Dracula costumes are such a staple of corny Halloween stuff I needed so vampire stuff in somewhere.
20th Apr 2017, 11:17 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, this one's pretty much right into the thick of things going south. Wanted to take what opportunities I could here to make things weird and confusing, and I wanted the group split up fast, so worked well for that.

Do really like any time Adam's kind of just given free reign to do whatever he wants with a page like this, can always kind of tell when he's having fun with it. Also I like getting to work in an extra little appearance from Wilma, it's minor but she has a fun design so doesn't hurt to get her in when possible. Not likely to become a regular fixture of WaR going forward or anything, mind you.

Joke's on Misty, she's not even in the studio anymore, she's in Urabe's bedroom. And I'll be impressed if anyone actually gets that joke.


20th Apr 2017, 11:32 PM
Things have gone from bad to worse, wonder what's going to happen next.