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Comic 596 - The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special, Page 51

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The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special, Page 51
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Author Notes:

11th May 2017, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Man, these chapters are killing me... I dunno how I'm gonna make it to the end of both this and the current Blues chapter without a break. Which sucks since now the comics are in the really tense area where a break is hard to take.

Plus side is I really like Glory's power; nothing can make her let go of someone short of many cutting her arms off. Like, is physically impossible. That's one of those weird, out-there powers Martin has a tendency to come up with but is also devestating in the right hands. You give a character that power and a mastery of grappling and they win any fight if they can get close enough.

As a result immediately loved doing this fight. Glory is pulling and pushing Sareena around so easily it doesn't even seem like combat; it's puppetry.
11th May 2017, 11:15 PM
Martin F.
This is a power I've been wanting to do for a good while now but wasn't really sure where to slot in at. I thought about tying it into a planned Militant Gold villain, but the thing is in a team-focused book that skill would be relatively nerfed just by having someone there who could get involved on breaking it up. Eventually I hit on the idea of folding it into Glory, since the plan was always for her to have a very grapple-heavy combat style to begin with and an ability like this would certainly live up to all the talking up Power's given her - very deliberate there, I was wanting to preserve an aura of mystery of just what exactly made Glory as dangerous as she was. Got some hints along the way though, like Power saying she specializes in breaking bones when talking to Alex in an earlier chapter.

Honestly, the unbreakable grip thing is really so powerful one-on-one when you think about it I genuinely wasn't sure if I should even go with it or not, kind of seemed too broken, but Adam said roll with it and so a long ways back I made up my mind to see it through. Wound up really liking how this fight came out in scripting it and I'm liking it a lot thus far art-wise as well.

Speaking of powers, hey, Sareena uses her water summoning I'm pretty sure for the first time since she first demonstrated it waaaay back in Hidden Flame. In general this whole fight really necessitated me going back looking through what all skills Sareena's shown previously and kind of thinking of creative ways to integrate them in, was kind of an interesting experiment. Pretty sure this is actually the first fully solo fight Sareena's had since the Ozias one, which is a little weird when you think about it given Misty's thing is stealth. Though Sareena and Misty never really got in fights that often to begin with.

Wonder if the new costume is something Glory already had and just hadn't worn onscreen or if she got it between this chapter and the last, given she was in costume in the previous one. Speaking of it's weird to me Glory's currently on a streak of appearing four chapters in a row, and really fairly prominent in the past three, and yet this feels like the first time she's really actually stepped into the spotlight.


11th May 2017, 11:20 PM
Wowzers this is intense, wonder what's going to happen next.