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Comic 604 - The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special, Page 59

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The DeKalb County Public Access Halloween Special, Page 59
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Author Notes:

8th Jun 2017, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Whew... Man. Martin's had a bit of an issue lately, so was some consideration of putting a filler up this weekend, but here we are, folks.

The chapter still has some page's left, but the last page in Blues has already been drawn and with that off our backs we can go a bit slower in this one. Again, long, long, long chapters get us nuts, so between this and Blues me and Martin had been running ourselves kinda ragged on the comics. Remember thinking how nice it was that I could do this page at a leisurely pace. Hence I drew Hazel so relaxed and relived, unwinding after a long day.
8th Jun 2017, 11:09 PM
Martin F.
Like Adam said, this page very nearly wound up being filler. Might still end up happening on Monday. Long and short of it is my aunt died Wednesday morning and while this page had been drawn already, it hadn't been colored. I had no idea what my mental state was going to be on going to color it, but I managed to get my head straight and color this about three hours after I'd learned what'd happened. Things have already started to get a little bit more on track, but of course there's a lot left to address in the fallout of all that and there's a chance depending on when the funeral ends up being and what goes on around it that we might miss the Monday update. Just something to keep in mind. Going to try and ride the chapter out since the plan is to take a break after it anyway but we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, as for this page itself...

Yeah, really just a bit of wrapping up Hazel's leg of this chapter and closing off things with him and Verbren a bit. This is the end of Hazel's end of the plot as you would likely expect - been a big night for him but then, being shot will do that for ya I guess. Initially Hazel was potentially going to end up going on the shelf for a bit in the aftermath of this page, since some plans were up in the air for which chapter to do next after this one, but eventually kind of landed on where exactly to have him next pop up and what he'd be doing there. So you'll see him again before too hugely long, but not quite right away.

Two pages left to come in this chapter, then we're going on a break for awhile. In the past I've generally tried not to have as long of breaks with WaR as we've had with Blues, but the backlog has been kind of nonexistent for awhile and we're wrapping up the longest chapter in either comic to date that followed immediately after the longest WaR had had in quite some time so... Yeah, we're definitely having a month-long sabbatical so be ready for that one. More details to come after the chapter actually wraps up.

Still, couple of pages left before we get to that point. I'll go ahead and mention that the next chapter's title is A Man and a Woman, but as said, two more pages and some filler before we get to it. Kind of funny though, we're still awhile from actually getting that up and running but I've already scripted the majority of it. Making a conscious effort to be much shorter with that one.


8th Jun 2017, 11:34 PM
Very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.