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Comic 626 - A Man And A Woman- Page 11

24th Aug 2017, 11:00 PM in 17. A Man and a Woman
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A Man And A Woman- Page 11
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Author Notes:

24th Aug 2017, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
New script, first look at Kadaram, hand turning into a mouth; says a lot that the thing that hit me the most about this script when I first read it was that last panel. I immediately felt so bad for Ana and all the shit she's been going through lately. She's found out she's a demon, been strung along on a Creepypasta adventure, made to fight criminals; when Alex woke up as Dorothy he at least had the coping skills to deal with it (imagine super-heroes in general see weird shit). Ana really does not. Was great seeing her remind us of that so suddenly.

Eheh... The hand-mouth thing was something that could've easily looked goofy as fuck, so I really struggled to make sure it was scary. ^^ I wanted readers to see it and wonder just how human this new woman was.

Funny, me and Martin have actually talked about introduction of new characters like this. Do you make it immediately memorable, thereby telegraphing as brightly as possible that this person will come back at a later date, or do you make it more realistic and low-key, which runs the risk of the reader forgetting who this character is. In this case we clearly went with the former, and I don't think folks'll forget her soon. Least of all Ana.

That said, was a problem in the artwork; Kadaram's entrance was supposed to have a "be amazed" look to her. I kinda didn't capture that, she looks waaay too casual. That said, I do like how even the typically-unflappable Hearst kinda freaks out a bit when she enters. Recovers quick but look at that expression.

Speaking of, I kinda really like the second panel. Martin described that panel as Ana just realizing to herself that Hearst is an nice person. Little moments like that are kinda neat. Again, doing these two pages I realized how much I missed Hearst. ^^^
25th Aug 2017, 8:18 AM
Martin F.
That last line is a callback to Ana's introduction in Black Princess... On Ice! if you haven't read BP. Not really much missed there that hasn't been gone into in WaR already, just saying in case you're wondering what she means by that.

So yeah, not exactly taking our time coming back around to that Witching Hour filler we put up - Kadaram and Tahstsia both show up right here and Callum Douglas got namedropped in the last page. It'll be a little bit before we actually see the other two members of the group - kind of aware of a point at the latest when they'll turn up but might end up showing up elsewhere before then, not really sure - but wanted to get them designed pretty well in advance and figured was no harm in going ahead and showing the lot off before the chapter started. Speaking of, I'll go ahead and say that this is the only page of the chapter that Kadaram is in, but she'll also be in the next chapter.

Kind of wondering if I should go into some of the specifics of what we were angling for with her design or wait until we get a little more information about her down the line. I will reiterate that she was designed with an Indian motif, which was a nice change of pace to work with and I think produced some good results.

If nothing else I can say that Kadaram was kind of tricky to write in this capacity. I wanted to immediately put over the idea that she's kind of an imposing and important presence, thus the reaction she gets, but I kind of wanted to give her a more natural way of speaking than some haughty, "Look upon me, peasant!" sort.

Speaking of writing I really like getting to touch in a little more with Hearst like this and give her softer moments. Being completely honest she's probably one of the most fun characters to work with for me, if only because she gets played so differently depending on what capacity we're seeing her in. As said before she'll be more prominent in the next chapter.


25th Aug 2017, 2:19 PM
Whoa don't see that everyday, poor Ana too much has been happening to her to fast, wonder what's going to happen next.