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Comic 628 - A Man And A Woman- Page 13

31st Aug 2017, 11:00 PM in 17. A Man and a Woman
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A Man And A Woman- Page 13
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Author Notes:

31st Aug 2017, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Kinda was surprised at just how fundamentally arrogant Sareena's being with this. Just go up and face the biggest dude these people have and decide to throw down. I could totally see Alex doing this since he's more involved with the public show-biz aspect of superheroics, but Sareena feels stranger. But then you remember; Sareena has yet to really lose a fight in either this or her own comic. Alex gets curbstomped quite a bit but Sareena's pulled together pretty smoothly. She could probably handle this.

.... That said, it's a bit awkward in that in that last panel it actually looks like she's talking to Fulton and not Mr. Atlanta. She's... Yeah. Mr. Atlanta. Big guy. Eheh... ^^

Speaking of, meant to go into this last time but been trying to make Mr. Atlanta look visibly distinct from Marvelous Man over in Blues. Whereas Sergeant Marshalls can actually pull off the look of a silver-age superhero, Mr. Atlanta is a lot more thuggish; he's slightly lankier and has a thinner, skeevier face.

Also since we hadn't seen DeGroot in a while, wanted to change his look at well, albeit in the opposite direction. Trying to make him look more genteel and amicable, like a friendly Southern Gentleman. I think just as a contrast between him and the more openly-underhanded Patriot Initiative.
1st Sep 2017, 10:17 AM
Martin F.
I feel like part of Sareena being this flashy and direct really comes from just wanting to get in a dig at their ego and more easily bait them into giving her what she wants, though part of it probably is also coming from a genuine desire to show off. Certainly the only real reasons for her to be calling out Mr. Atlanta instead of Cassidy - it simultaneously works as a shot at Cassidy by having her act like he's not even a blip on her radar after what happened and calling out their ace gives her the most available spotight of the group.

Kind of wonder what the hell would constitute being more than a parlor trick to Cassidy having just seen Sareena teleport directly in front of him. Isn't like she pulled a rabbit out of a hat or something. Kind of makes one wonder how stage magicians do in this universe. And that comment is certainly not a nod toward the fact we already had it mentioned Ana has tickets to a magic show and showed off a poster for a magician of some sort during the pre-chapter filler and thus clearly have something in mind on that, don't be ridiculous.

Related, it's been intentional that we've been doing kind of a trickle in on exposure to the Patriot Initiative - Paxton, Knight, and Fulton got their turn in Shopping Star, Cassidy stepped up with the past couple chapters, now we're focusing on Atlanta here. Not entirely sure if Briscoe will ever actually get any real focus herself - do intend to give her some stuff to do but she's not really supposed to be a fighter and more just kind of a pretty face in the group, so not sure how much point there'd really be in devoting screentime to her. We'll see though, kind of starting to reach where my really developed pre-merger chapter ideas are running out and so I'm having a bit more freedom to do different stuff - we'll come back to it more when we get there but next chapter is a very good example of that since it's probably the most directly intermingled the WaR and BP aspects and casts have been yet as it was wholly come up with post-merger.

This part incidentally is where this storyline's connection to the chapter's title comes in - "A Man and a Woman" is actually a title that I put a lot of thought into, because it's designed to have a multitude of meanings within the context of the chapter as it can alternatively refer to Alex-as-Dorothy and Chris's date, Alex himself as he is within Dorothy's body, Ana and Paxton's date, this situation between Sareena and Mr. Altanta, and a few other things that haven't quite bared themselves out yet. Very multi-facted title choice this time around.

If you're wondering, yes, Sareena's wording in the last panel is very intentional. That's as far as the direct references to that shit go though.


31st Aug 2017, 11:46 PM
Wow Sareena's bold, wonder what's going to happen next.