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Comic 629 - A Man And A Woman- Page 14

3rd Sep 2017, 11:00 PM in 17. A Man and a Woman
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A Man And A Woman- Page 14
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Author Notes:

3rd Sep 2017, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
IIII've kinda got jack to say on this, in large part because I'm distracted as fuck right now. Eheh... ^^ Again, trying to make Mr. Atlanta look thuggish.

Doing these pages did make me wonder where Mr. Atlanta came from; started to feel like he was a super-hero BEFORE he shacked up with the Patriot Initiative. Martin confirmed that was the case, but that he'd bought into the group's ideals.

Got me curious because since Paxton's made it clear he's only in the group for the paycheck and don't give a shit about their hate-speech, I'm sure there must be one or two other members who feel the same. Just not sure which.
3rd Sep 2017, 11:12 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, not sure how much to say on this one myself - it really is pretty much just setting the stage for a throwdown between Sareena and Atlanta while making it clear it's not going to be happening right this minute.

Speaking of... Yeah, cutting away next page if you were wondering, though I figure that was already pretty obvious. Won't be too long before we revisit this plot and get to the fight proper but got some other ground to cover with the other plots first.

This chapter's actually at kind of a weird point for me right now. It kind of simultaneously feels like we're still early in while also feeling like the stuff going on now is supposed to be later in the chapter than it actually is. Might be because I also have the next chapter entirely written already, could be skewing perceptions for me a bit. As said before though, this chapter is nowhere near the length of the previous one, so it's not like we're still going to be tied up in this four months from now or anything, don't worry.


3rd Sep 2017, 11:19 PM
Whoa this is intense, wonder what's going to happen next.