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Comic 696 - Star Night- Page 13

22nd Apr 2018, 11:00 PM in 19. Star Night
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Star Night- Page 13
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Author Notes:

22nd Apr 2018, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Tired. Can't think straight. Eight hours of work incoming. Two hours of sleep. Brother demands coffee. Comments tonight.
23rd Apr 2018, 12:58 AM
Adam C.
If you're reading the current Blues chapter, you might've seen in the Author's comments that Power was planned to appear much later in the story and was bumped up. The reason was to make it clear what the second of the two times she met Misty was. She was always going to be part of the spell, but was moved up just to make this scene make more sense. They've still only met each other twice.

Exactly what O'Hara's got planned for Atlanta will come to the spotlight for you guys soon, but the build-up of "Yeah, me and my entourage are flying out" I think is a cool twist. Also I think that calling to try and maybe pitch in for some casual acquaintances, but only after her own inner circle has been safely moved out, is perfectly in-character for her.

Really liked seeing Miss Brooks again; in particular I love this running gag that one of her main jobs seems to be Rebecca's nanny.

Did like the visuals on this, especially the smash-cut to the plane flying into the distance. And again, a shot emphasizing the speakers, just to make sure the readers are focusing on those being a thing. Just love the visual of those things; it's so mundane but there's this element of ".... Hm."
23rd Apr 2018, 7:09 AM
Martin F.
Hey, I guess Glory is fine! Good to know given the most recent Blues page kind of made it look like she'd been gruesomely murdered with how bloody her face was. Funny timing on these pages going up.

The decision to work Power into this chapter was a fairly late one but wound up fixing a few issues I had with planning it out. I'll go into those when it becomes a little more clear later, but having her decide to contact the BP girls did help clear up some issues. And it helps that I was kind of wanting to have her start appearing in their general orbit a bit more anyway.

Probably have more to say on the next page but hopefully everyone enjoys. As you can see whatever it is O'Hara's planning certainly isn't good.


23rd Apr 2018, 3:26 PM
Whatever O'Hara is planning is bad news that keeps getting worse, what in the world is going to happen now.