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Comic 715 - Star Night- Page 32

28th Jun 2018, 11:00 PM in 19. Star Night
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Star Night- Page 32
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Author Notes:

28th Jun 2018, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
What made me really interested in this sequence (besides getting to draw an awesome maze) was that we don't get a lot of Alex acting this compassionate and caring, but I absolutely love seeing that side of him. Typically he's got a lot to be pissed off about, and we see him in fights a lot, but I always really love it when it shines through that despite his love of violence and fighting he's still a person concerned with helping those around him and honestly has a pretty gentle heart.

I think without even meaning to, that's what I mainly highlighted both times he showed up in Blues (most memorable bits of both chapters were the meeting with Xandy and the heart-to-heart with Grant). And I think my single favorite moment in all of WaR was that bit with him and Ropun in the vineyard.

His moments with Rin here were another one where I wanted to see them since Martin told me abuot the idea years ago. This sequence where he's amped up and ready to be awesome after getting through the maze, but recognizes right away that Rin has something wrong with him and immediately switches tactics. We get more of that in the next page and it's really welcome. Always love doing bits with Alex like this. ^^

Heh. I meant to mention it, but I like the touch that Rin's been dressed up a bit fancier than usual for this meeting. I think he wanted to look his best when meeting "Mia." Shaved off the beard he'd been growing and everything.

Oh, and also we see Misty and Sareena in "Full" costume. Was curious if Sareena should have a proper mask or something now that she's in the new costume, but was surprised by how good it just looked with the hood up.
28th Jun 2018, 11:10 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, the idea of Alex kind of consoling Rin and looking to make sure he's okay has been something planned on for a loooong time. Had a wide range of different ideas in mind for it but it's long been something to look forward to.

Sareena and Misty figuring into it was actually a pretty recent decision. There were a few different reasons for it - needed some multitasking going on in regards to what all O'Hara has planned, they haven't gotten too much of a spotlight lately, I wanted to do something to get them a little bit more on Power's radar, and it just felt like a good way to merge the casts a little more and intermingle them further.

For the record the overall plan is that this is still Alex's arc a lot more than it is theirs, but we'll go into that more when we get there.

In either case, not too much time left in this chapter. More information on that when we get there. In the meantime I need to get to working on scripts for the next one, been kind of dragging my feet on writing those for quite awhile now to be honest.


29th Jun 2018, 1:12 AM
Very, very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.