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Comic 769 - Loving Family, Page 13

30th Dec 2018, 11:00 PM in 21. Loving Family
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Loving Family, Page 13
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Author Notes:

30th Dec 2018, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heheh... Yeah, hope you guys enjoy. ^^ Taling to Martin and gotta get some sleep, so will comment after work. Helps I dunno how much I should go into detail on the stuff here.
30th Dec 2018, 11:10 PM
Martin F.
Bah. Running low on scripts and next page isn't colored yet and yet I spent all day watching the She-Ra reboot. Good show, would recommend it.

Either way, pretty happy with this one but admittedly right offhand I'm not sure how much I have to say on this one. It's not the easiest one in the world to comment on.

Guess offhand I can single out Julianna. She.... MAY end up figuring into things again later down the line. She's a character who was planned for some things a loooong time ago, and since then a lot of what she was going to be involved with has been changed. Still, I didn't want to entirely shut the door on the character and this felt like a good way to at least plant some seeds in case I end up revisiting or retooling some of the ideas behind her.

Admittedly now that I look there was some miscommunication in the fourth panel between how I wrote the dialogue and what was drawn. Adam can tweak the dialogue there when he gets in I guess, no huge deal.
31st Dec 2018, 5:36 AM
Adam C.
For some reason felt really creative doing this page. That first panel got more than the usual amount of detail, and enjoyed just doing additional diddies like the school, the spice-rack over the stove, ect. Had a lot of fun with this page.

One minor touch is that Ropun's carrying a copy of The Crucible in the fourth panel. It's a play I read in high-school and I liked the idea that Ropun was already getting an interest in theater. Martin then went beyond the call of duty by exactly copying the cover of the playbook for the page. ^^

I dunno why, but I like the idea that Ropun's old school had a mascot that was turtles. I dunno why, I guess because of that green thing.


31st Dec 2018, 3:55 PM
I watched the She-Ra reboot when it first came out, it's descent but I prefer the original myself, very interesting wonder what's going to happen next.