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Comic 848 - Blue Cold, Page 6

3rd Oct 2019, 11:00 PM in 23. Blue Cold
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Blue Cold, Page 6
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Author Notes:

3rd Oct 2019, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
This page and the next two after it were some of the most amibitious shit we've done in the comic art-wise. Each one of them took a lot of attention from me and demanded a level of "What the shit?" in terms of getting things done.

You've seen us recently greatly improve how we do cars, and it was a fairly easy transition to move from that to trains. I'm impressed by how well that portray distance and length in relation to the camera; all the shots of the trains came out fairly good-looking, if still a little shakey line-wise on the fronts. Looking over this again and remembering how terrified I was in drawing them, I'm really pleased with the results...

I also kinda like how Hazel looks with all that winter gear on. ^^ I was afraid with the mouth-wrap, the hat, and the glasses he wouldn't be recognizable, but no, you can still tell it's him.
3rd Oct 2019, 11:09 PM
Martin F.
Funny thing is this page had to go through a few variants to get it into this final state, mostly due to some misunderstandings with the way I wrote the layout for the last panel. Additionally originally that second car was the same color as the front and third ones - I changed it on the next page then fixed it on the next one when I realized it'd be hard to tell where things are happening with the train if all the cars looked the same as each other.

Still really happy with how the whole thing came out. Think it's a pretty cool visual really putting over just how powerful Verbren is, really happy with how it came out.

So yeah, this whole sequence is really some pretty new territory for us, really going for a big setpiece here and hope everyone enjoys.


3rd Oct 2019, 11:19 PM
Very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.