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Comic 854 - Blue Cold, Page 11

24th Oct 2019, 11:00 PM in 23. Blue Cold
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Blue Cold, Page 11
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Author Notes:

24th Oct 2019, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heheheh... Yeah, time to see more of Goldrush being awesome. ^^ Not bad, huh? I like seeing a bit more of the defensive end of his powers, and that forming that golden aura can be used to protect himself just as much as it is to ram into others.

Kinda not too much to say about this one; really scatterbrained on this end. I love how Starchild looks with that borrowed coat, though. It actually fits the costume better than me or Martin expected it to.
24th Oct 2019, 11:05 PM
Martin F.
We need to try and watch a little closer on Hazel's goggles - realized we had forgotten them the last couple of pages we saw him and also originally this page was drawn without them. We edited those pages alongside setting up this one.

Pretty sure this is our first time actually seeing Eisenstone after it's been mentioned a few times in the past. Kind of feels like it was seen in Black Princess at some point but pretty sure it wasn't; if I'm wrong there my mistake.

Admittedly wasn't really dying to have Daryl get taken out immediately but at least it happening two on-one here is a convenient excuse. Though he'll be back into the fight sooner rather than later anyway, this is far from putting him on the shelf.

And yeah, jacket does surprisingly work with the Starchild outfit. Kind of had no clue how it was going to go in writing it in but pretty pleased with the end results.

Hazel's pretty confident about being able to keep both of these two occupied at once when he basically had to fight as dirty as possible before just to hang with Ivy, huh?


24th Oct 2019, 11:12 PM
Pictures on a slideshow rather then the actual Eisenstone itself, very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.
28th Oct 2019, 9:48 AM
Martin F.
Heh, always find it pretty flattering how good you are at remembering stuff like that.
25th Oct 2019, 4:44 AM
REMATCH! KICK IVY'S ASS!...I mean..Alex can kick Hazel's...but So wanna see ivy get her stupid smug face knocked down.
28th Oct 2019, 9:47 AM
Martin F.
Heh, we'll see how that pans out I suppose. Ivy does a lot to ask for an asskicking certainly but not many people are capable of giving her one.