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Comic 871 - Blue Cold, Page 24

22nd Dec 2019, 11:00 PM in 23. Blue Cold
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Blue Cold, Page 24
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Author Notes:

22nd Dec 2019, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heheh.... Yeah, this page came out fun. The highlights clearly being Goldrush saving the day doing the Daredevil bit in the first panel and the huge group-action-pose with Down and the Heroes. ^^ In particular love Alex doing that cocky kung-fu "come on" pose, felt very appropriate. Grant, meanwhile, is doing an Aikido pose, and Ivy is the only one NOT doing a cool pose. She's just ready to fight and doesn't care how she looks.

Whole thing looks really good, though not much to say. The second-to-last panel is good too, love that sort of "Hey, we won" feeling to that one. Works without any dialog to convey it.
22nd Dec 2019, 11:47 PM
Martin F.
Fairly early on had the idea of Daryl being the one to actually get the lock at the end - kind of thought he got smacked around the most for a lot of this fight so it made sense to have him be the one to swoop in and save the day, since was kind of supposed to be making everyone involved look better for it.

Granted while he demonstrated he's crafty and that he's gotten to be a better fighter, all Hazel has to show for it is he's covered in mist and had part of his hair singed off so... Not a great day for him.

There was actually going to be a whole extra leg to this fight but I ended up cutting it for time since I kind of thought this storyline had gone on a bit too long as it is; I should probably avoid going into specifics since part of the idea'll probably end up incorporated into something or other else later, but there was going to be an additional party coming after the lock and Grant being the only person really equipped to deal with them. Think it's better with it cut, there'd have been a purpose to it but it really would've been too much clutter.

Few more pages left in this chapter, hopefully should be able to get those out without any further incident. Still not ready to actually say what the title of the next chapter is funny enough, still got some setup to do on that one, but we're very nearly done.


23rd Dec 2019, 12:01 AM
Very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.
26th Dec 2019, 4:34 PM
and now uptodate with WaR too 8)
26th Dec 2019, 5:46 PM
Martin F.
Great, really appreciate it. Hope to see you comment regularly, we always really enjoy seeing them.