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Comic 874 - Blue Cold, Page 27

2nd Jan 2020, 11:00 PM in 23. Blue Cold
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Blue Cold, Page 27
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Author Notes:

2nd Jan 2020, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Lot to unpack with this page I think. Where to start here...

First off, yeah, there's a quick little reminder that this is taking place before the present stuff in Blue Blood Heroes in case anyone forgot; who knew that the next time Grant did this would end up involving a mantis moon queen and a living cartoon? ... If you don't read it Blue Blood Heroes is a little weird. This current chapter in particular. Also in that second panel we've got a mention that Alex grabbed the Eisenstone AME left behind; that was something it was intended to actually show but it kind of got lost in the shuffle. Even here we initially forgot to work it in until the page was being colored, though we were going to edit the page to show Alex holding it; the overall reason we didn't is because it raised pretty obvious questions about having it in the presence of Laura. She'd probably start growing pretty tired if she were around it. Plus it makes more sense to leave it in the car anyway.

Also got a bit more teasing with Jack; I believe I mentioned but I was wanting to have a brief throwdown between him and Alex in the last chapter but it was kind of running too long as it was. We'll probably see something of the sort eventually when I can find a decent opening for it though not sure when that might arise exactly.

And we have a mention of Jodie! Yeah, I mentioned that was something that I made a point of going back and adding into the scripts of this one after the fact; wanted to do a little bit of planting seeds for when she shows up, which'll be the chapter after next... which we have some additional setup for in Alex still being hung up on what happened with Ivy earlier.

In the meantime we have other matters to address, which should become much more clear in the next page; this is, however, the end of the actual crossover stuff for now, since Grant doesn't figure into the remaining two pages. Been a lot of fun having him around bouncing off everybody but I think this whole arc kind of ran a fair bit longer than I really intended it to. Still, I think we've gotten a lot accomplished in that span of time, a lot of subplots furthered and some characters given more establishment going forward, very happy with how this whole thing came out.

The next crossover... I'm not sure when that might be or what form that might take. I do have one thing I am definitely wanting to do soon-ish (broadly speaking) but I'm not even sure which comic it'd be more suited to so it's kind of hard to comment on for the time being, and there might well be something to that point. Don't really want to overuse them and all.

Though this does feel like a decent opportunity to reflect some on those. So far our crossovers have been Starchild teaming up with most but not all of the Blues kids, Alex dropping in to give Grant a much-needed morale boost, the Fontainebleu chapter that involved a lot of Wright as Rayne characters being involved in the chase, and now this little arc. Do think every crossover thus far has been pretty distinct, and it was nice doing it in Wright as Rayne this time around; kind of less opportunity to move six characters across the country compared to one to three thus why it's mostly been Blues doing them thus far, but would certainly like to try it again at some point.

Either way, yeah. Two more pages left to go in this chapter and really hope everyone enjoys what's to come. Been looking forward to a lot of aspects of the next chapter for quite a long time.
3rd Jan 2020, 2:04 AM
Adam C.
Heheh.... Yeah, I didn't realize just how long this crossover had been going on until Martin mentioned it... To be honest, I didn't even realize how many crossovers the comics have done. ^^ I kinda don't count the Fontainebleu chapter, honestly, since the Blues kids barely interact with Sareena and her gang. There's more interaction with the kids and Nine Eyes, and I'm often of the opinion that villains don't count for this sort of thing. Like, specifically villains. If Rick, an anti-hero showed up in Atlanta to make trouble and tussled with Alex, I'd count that as a crossover, not so much if it was Martina.

Ehehe.... Not sure what's with that minor tangent, but yeah, very specific issue there... Either way, hero-crossover bits are always fun. I think that despite having a few that were close together, the comics still crossover rarely enough that when a major character shows up in one over the other, it's a big deal. This was a great one, and a good chance to really have Grant kick butt alongside some of his idols.

In general this is a bunch of favorite characters of mine all hanging out. Grant, Alex, Ropun, Christina and Jack, who are all both fun for me to read and fun to draw. This page was nice and smooth coming up, which was something I really needed after the last month had me running ragged.

It's been a while since we saw Grant in his coat, honestly. Mostly since the last chapter he's been pretty absent and the one before that he was in his pajamas for most of it. Had to go back to look at everyone and was happy with how it came out. ^^

The major issue I wanna talk about here is Alex's short temper with Ivy, but that'll be a while before it comes up... Jodie getting a mention is a big deal as well. ^^

Heh. I like that maybe my biggest issue with the page is that Christina's not trying to hug Grant, or ruffling his hair herself or something. They really wound up having a connection, and her last line in this chapter is even expressing concern over how his parents clearly aren't winning mom and dad of the year. Those little touches make Christina really likeable, and that one last note of her talking about it was so cute. ^^


3rd Jan 2020, 2:29 AM
Very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.
3rd Jan 2020, 10:07 AM
This was a good chapter and this page is good, but there is one thing.

Maybe Alex should have give more though on the name of his gim because I can see during a storm some people are trying to find a shelter and look on their GPS and they go to his place.