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Comic 889 - In Our Own Native Land, Page 4

23rd Feb 2020, 11:00 PM in 24. In Our Own Native Land
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In Our Own Native Land, Page 4
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Author Notes:

23rd Feb 2020, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
This is a bit of a callback to an old Black Princess page -


Though I do think this way around works much better, kind of more humor going on to it and it has more in the way of recognizable faces. Speaking of those, hey, few we haven't seen in awhile, particularly Rin, Weapon, Sylvain, Hearst, and Eric and Erin in-costume, though we opted to leave off the masks for the actual page despite putting them on the cover. Sylvain in particular is pretty much just here as a reminder he exists since he hasn't really shown up in awhile; the character was largely planned to be central to a chapter that would've happened roundabout the Halloween one and had some seeds planted for it that ended up falling through. Might retool the idea at some point, I dunno, but it was going to be kind of a filler one anyway so I'm not really dying to.

This page is one of several that ended up having backgrounds shoved into it retroactively - originally Adam only actually drew the first panel with one but I went through and put in the extra details behind everyone; last panel largely doesn't have anything since we flesh out the room in the next page anyway.

It's actually kind of weird to me how long Hearst has sort of wound up on the backburner? She was pretty central to Key and all, there just hasn't really been an opening to come back around to her since then. We'll for sure be checking in with her some more a couple of chapters from now though, no doubt about that at all as some of what we have planned basically can't function without her involved on some level. Rest of the group here's a little murkier on when they'll next pop up but I can't see it being a huge delay on most of them. Well, and then there's Callous but he'll be in the next page (along with the rest of Section 24) so y'know, quick turnaround there.

Weirdly specific thing I had to do last-minute for this page, the font we use doesn't have lowercase letters so for the i47 namedrop I had to manually edit the uppercase I into a lowercase one.

We actually thought about adding an extra panel with Ivy League here (just saying something akin to, "Fuck off.") using the extra space from the Power one, but thought better of it. Would've probably had to cut Weapon to fit it in with the dialogue and I could actually see the Patriot Initiative being the sort of target she probably wouldn't have a problem with going after, so it worked better not really bringing it up.

Actually a funny thing about revisiting that Black Princess page in retrospect is that who they wound up with doesn't even fit their criteria. They ended up going with Laura who of course as we've seen does actually have powers of her own. Truth is that's pretty much on me forgetting a minor wrinkle from BP in deciding to commit to that plan for her character, but it does help explain why Day was able to pick up on their presence pretty much immediately after they started making moves. ... Speaking of Day he doesn't show up in this chapter but he is someone it's been way too long on. Kind of a casualty of merging the comics and some other ideas that came together. I do still have plans in mind for him and do intend for him to get some more in-depth focus at some point, but as it stands there hasn't really been an ideal place to work it in. I might have an idea of where to come back around to it but there hasn't really been a chance as of now. Kind of a case where I introduced him too early.

Anyway, this feels like a good time to draw attention to us owning wrightasrayne.com, as we also just acquired bluebloodheroes.com just after renewing it. They just redirect to the comics' pages on Comic Fury but I'm sure they're much easier to remember than the wordy alternative and it gives us a safety net in case anything ever happens with Comic Fury, given the issues that have arisen with past free webcomic-hosting services over the years, so I'd be sure to keep them in mind just in case.

... This still isn't the furthest back the returns go in this chapter.
24th Feb 2020, 12:22 AM
Adam C.
Heheh... Yeah, this whole page was a lot of fun to work on, with some great call-backs and re-vistings. My personal favorite might be seeing Rin again; really like the guy and nice to know he's still doing okay. Hearst was really nice too, but it hasn't been that long on her.

As Martin said, Sylvan was missing for a long time, and he wound up being tweaked slightly for his re-appearance. He was given a very fancy pretty-boy look, since the idea is that he's a male model, and all of Power's crew (except Weapon) look like sexy rock-stars. Hence the coat with no shirt. ^^ At one point was going to give him facial hair but it came out Sea Hawk from She-Ra. Had a good laugh about it but had to shave it off.

But yeah, Callous is back. Curious what his opinions are. ^^

Actually, will say that I liked seeing this side of Hearst. It's not the most vulnerable we've seen her, but I think the most vulnerable we've seen her in front of other people. It was sort of touching. ^^


24th Feb 2020, 12:34 AM
Very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.