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Comic 892 - In Our Own Native Land, Page 7

5th Mar 2020, 11:00 PM in 24. In Our Own Native Land
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In Our Own Native Land, Page 7
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Author Notes:

5th Mar 2020, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Young's absence in the present day stuff has been something I've been wanting to draw attention to for a long while now but not really had an opening to do - even in terms of flashbacks he really only came up a couple of times before this, kind of done less in the way of flashback stories to this point than I sort of intended to. Still, think the point is served by way of the reminders of sorts we did of him between the redraw of that one panel and using him for a gag in Blues.

I actually forgot that John talked about Alex in this page, particularly in that what's going on right now relates directly to the Dorothy situation - sort of funny how that works out. Actually need to get back to writing scripts later, I think about eleven pages deep into the next chapter right now and I'd like to try to have it finished being written before we actually start it, I've been enjoying being very far ahead of the curve on this chapter.

So yeah, next few pages will be a bit of a diversion to learn some more about Adam Young, and about Eighth Sin as a whole. Anyone have any guesses as to who Callous is talking about going to see exactly?
6th Mar 2020, 1:05 AM
Adam C.
The weird downside of us having not drawn Section 24 in forever is that I completely forgot certain details on their design, the biggest one being that Callous is missing a finger on his left hand. Martin had to lob it off when coloring the page. ^^ In general I forgot how much I like a lot of elements about the group, especiall Gaspeed's alluded-to connections with the homeless. Genuinely dunno if that'll ever come up but hope it does. Speaking of, I also had some trouble remembering what eye was the scarred one, another thing that had to be tweaked the last moment.

But yeah, this is the beginning of shedding light on Adam Young, and why for being one of the higher-ups in the company he's never shown up outside of flashbacks. Dead? We'll have to find out more.

We also see a bit more on light going onto Sareena's culpability in the Dorothy situation. Callous is the first person to point out how selfish her desire to be a Legend really is, how she's willing to look the other way or even be complicit in horrible things as long as it benefits her, and how her ignorance and lack of understanding is willful (i.e. she prefers to just not think about it). All of this is going to be explored more about her going forward.


6th Mar 2020, 1:32 AM
I wondered why he was so rarely seen, and I have some ideas but I can't pinpoint who it is.
7th Mar 2020, 6:23 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, he's been a pretty conspicuous absence. Hope you like who's popping up.