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Comic 898 - In Our Own Native Land, Page 13

26th Mar 2020, 11:00 PM in 24. In Our Own Native Land
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In Our Own Native Land, Page 13
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Author Notes:

26th Mar 2020, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
The idea on Briscoe was pretty much just that she's clearly there to have a token woman who happens to be an attractive blond in the Patriot Initiative, not really providing much in the way of any actual skill; given that, plus this being a fight scene with ten potential fighters, it made sense to pretty much have her taken out basically immediately. Pretty sure this two panel fight is the shortest one we have ever and will ever manage to pull off, but I am pretty tempted to come up with a way to do a single panel fight scene now.

I feel like weirdly like we see Misty fight both more and less often than you would expect her to. On one hand, being the first entry in this is her first real fight since Shopping Star, but in both that and in The Fast Life in The Black Princess (the chapter before the merger) she was the one who got the KO on the villain of the day, both times with this same trick, plus while it wasn't really so much a fight she did take down Megan and Everett pretty handily. Just kind of odd to think about.

For what it's worth on the Black Court name now being official - basically I was long split between this name and the Black Palace (which is what Marina referred to them as in Loving Family if you'll recall) for the group. I decided to go with Black Palace because it kept up the BP abbreviation... buuuut then I decided I just think Black Court sounds better so I decided to backpedal in order to go with this one instead, which I did at least try to transition into by mentioning during the gym stuff that they were split between the names rather than just jumping straight from one to the other, though not entirely sure how well it landed. Being fair it's not like they're obligated to go with the one name just because Marina called them it off the top of her head. Speaking of, Marina, that's another name Misty took down, though to be fair that was in a fluky way due to some early installment weirdness where Misty wasn't written as competent as she largely is. Yeah, early BP has its growing pains... and so do the other comics.
26th Mar 2020, 11:48 PM
Adam C.
Heheh.... Yeah, this was a fun, goofy page to do.... I like that it's okay to do a "silly" version of the Daredevil effect that we can laugh at; that to me indicates that we've done enough really awesome versions of it for us to be confident to laugh ta it.

Me and Martin both really love doing Badass Misty; she's really fallen into the niche of being the group's strategist, so like Martin says we don't see her doing muscle work herself. When she does, like here, it's really fun and interesting. I like playing up that despite her build she's super stealthy and acrobatic, so she can easily outmaneuver and surprise her opponents. In general I think for Fighter/Mage/Rogue teams (of which the Black Court is the clearest example in our comics), the Rogue is always the most fun since it's the one that runs the most on surprise and cunning.

I think Briscoe having a stripped-down version of the armor the other members of the group are wearing was a fairly last-minute idea. I think I pitched that to Martin and I got the okay just as I was drawing it; it felt like a good way to reinforce that the Patriot Initiative were just looking to fill a quota to look good and didn't care about any real contributions she could potentially make.

Heh. Martin and I joked when he was coloring it that the first panel is such a fighting game loading screen. Like, you can see a little "vs." logo where DeGroot is standing.


27th Mar 2020, 12:09 AM
Very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.
27th Mar 2020, 2:42 PM
Could you do a sidestep to allow for self-defenestration in one panel in such a way that it would count as a one panel fight?
28th Mar 2020, 12:11 PM
Martin F.
Heh, that's a pretty good answer actually.