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Comic 936 - A Girl Named Dorothy, Page 14

6th Aug 2020, 11:00 PM in 25. A Girl Named Dorothy
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A Girl Named Dorothy, Page 14
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Author Notes:

6th Aug 2020, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Hey, Alex's manager has a face! And a name!

Pretty much the name and look for Simon really just came about in the process of planning this page out; we previously heard from Alex's manager before this but that was pretty gisted over by comparison.


Sort of a character I intended to be a thing for a long time but he was always sort of an awkward fit to work in; this felt like a good place to give him a bit more definition.

Of course, the more interesting thing here is probably in this idea Alex is talking about having; we'll see the specifics of that soon but it might not be too hard to put together the pieces of it as it is. Actually not a huge amount of time left in this chapter, though still got some ground to left to cover before it wraps up. If you think it's overdue that we're more directly hearing from Simon, someone far more overdue is coming before we're finished.
7th Aug 2020, 2:03 AM
Adam C.
Yeah, it was good to finally see this guy given he's been alluded to. Agents tend to get a bad representation in media, so I liked that Simon was portrayed as a nice guy, with Alex being more of the dick in the relationship for refusing to contact him sooner.

I've been briefly addicted to the Hamilton soundtrack, and for like three or four days I literally couldn't listen to anything else. It's passed but during that period I drew this page. So Simon started off looking just like actor Daveed Diggs in the lineart. Me and Martin went back-and-forth with the design a bit until he looked more distinct, but you can still sort of see the Diggs design. Granted, the dude's most defining feature is his glorious, glorious hair which is in a bun now so it really trims the resemblance.

I guess the Blues kids should discuss getting an agent at some point, but not sure how comfortable they'd be with it. That's the sort of thing they'd need Jake to set up for them.... Grant especially I don't think likes even thinking about the business aspect of the job, which is funny given how much Superhero merch he apparently buys, including stuff from Alex.

See, now I'm wondering how you even get this gig. Sort of thing that'll likely be explored in Militant Gold.


7th Aug 2020, 2:18 AM
Very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.