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1. When it's Wright...

Alex wakes up in the body of teenage Dorothy Wright.

2. Anger Management

A simple job is lined up at the Barrier Market, but what's the catch?

3. The Black Flame

Alex thinks back to a night when he previously worked with Eighth Sin.

4. Raynefall

Alex's past is delved into, while Sylvain, Lillian, and Laura have their own matters to attend to.

5. The Days Go By

While Alex's day has him dealing with a new, rising threat, Power seeks to raise her stock in the criminal world.

6. Sin With a Good Poker Face

Section 24 finds themselves with a free day at work. Crossover with The Black Princess.

7. The Power Tower

Candice is kidnapped, leading Starchild to finally confront Power directly.

8. Skeletons in the Closet

An incident at school causes Alex's frustrations to reach a climax, while Mother O'Hara gets a lesson about the Stargirl anime.

9. A Time For Work

Starchild has work to do on behalf of the Order, but things are complicated by O'Hara's interference.

10. Quiet

An increasingly stressed Rin has a particularly tough day, while Laura and Alex have a busy day at school.

11. Red, White, and Blue

Sarabeth talks about recent issues she and Alex have been having.

12. Sound Alive

Starchild confronts O'Hara and McShay.