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Comic 1018 - Claim My Kingdom, Page 18

20th May 2021, 11:00 PM in 27. Claim My Kingdom
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Claim My Kingdom, Page 18
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Author Notes:

20th May 2021, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heheh... Yeaaaaah, if you thought Hazel's power play was gonna stop at his rival... Fuck that. He's going mask-off and turning into a full-fledged supervillain. Time to muscle his way into total power.

Kinda not even sure how much I have to say; fucking love doing this entire sequence with Hazel seizing control of the gang away from his biggest competitors and coming out as the biggest badass AME's got. Just pulling the rug out from under Xmarlek and dumping him out in the middle of nowhere with nothing... I think in Hazel's mind it's crueler than actually killing him. Shooting him in the face with a bullet of reality and powerlessness probably hurts waaaaay fucking more than just being poisoned. In Hazel's mind, it's probably more disgraceful to be brought to the bottom and die struggling than it is to go out when you're still on top.

Speaking of being on top... Yeah, things are looking pretty good for Hazel now. ^^ There's only one page left in this chapter, and curious how he's planning on spending it.
20th May 2021, 11:03 PM
Martin F.
This has been a long time coming and by now I doubt this is much of a surprise, but there's still kind of a lot to unpack here and a lot of stuff to link back to. The shirt thing in particular I kind of meant to make a bit more obvious than it wound up being.

Hazel was wearing a shirt with a blue stripe during the previous scene.

Before that he was wearing a different shirt.

The shirt he was wearing while killing Mercy was previously seen in Xmarlek's laundry in the previous chapter, while Hazel looked resentful toward him.

Hazel had a different outfit on at the start of the flashbacks.

The overall idea is that Hazel changed clothes for the deal, changed into Xmarlek's shirt for the purposes of killing Mercy (which he likely just took in case he needed it in case a plan B wound up being necessary, after the previous train plan failed), then he needed to change clothes again but wouldn't have had the same outfit on hand that he was wearing to begin with since killing Mercy happened at home while he changed out of those in the base.

Beyond that we've got...

Hazel previously mentioned Xmarlek owns the place he's staying at.

Xmarlek making it clear that he expects Hazel to fall in line, while Hazel has some clear reluctance about that idea, while it's mentioned that Hazel's brother died while working for the gang.

Hazel's brother being mentioned further.

More pertinently though, as for the idea of Xmarlek being drugged, look back at the first page of the chapter -

Hazel's the one that brought up the idea of getting a drink and was preparing it while Xmarlek wasn't looking at him.

Hazel waited until Xmarlek was stumbling and tired before he let the other shoe drop on talking to him. Everything before that was just being done to keep him in one place while it kicked in.

We have one page left to go in this chapter, though I think it should be pretty clear about now why this one got the Special Edition tag. Mercy's dead, Xmarlek's out of the way, and now Hazel's claimed his kingdom.


20th May 2021, 11:50 PM
What Hazel did to Xmarlek is something I've seen done before, the abused want their abusers to know true suffering before they die, it will be interesting to see what happens with the AME going forward.
23rd May 2021, 11:01 PM
Martin F.
Heh, hope you'll enjoy what's to come on that front.