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Comic 1019 - Claim My Kingdom, Page 19

23rd May 2021, 11:00 PM in 27. Claim My Kingdom
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Claim My Kingdom, Page 19
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Author Notes:

23rd May 2021, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Ominous, isn't it?

Pretty exhausted here, but really love the stage this sets; great reminder that Hazel didn't just seize power. He revealed in the doing that he's a pissed off lunatic who's ready to burn the world that he's been watching. Being abused under Xmarlek's bootheel for God knows how long means that he's all too eager to turn around and say "fuckit" to everything now that he's in charge.

I forgot about the quick little nods to O'Hara and Marvelous Man in the dialog here, great touches to remind us the former's particular reign of anarchy and the latter being sent off the deep end by Hazel. And of course we end on a note from Hazel on where he sets his sights next.... I love that Starchild's apparently made Hazel's shit list just by saving people's lives. By helping in the train robbery and the fight against Poppy Tear, he foiled Hazel's low-key assination attempts on Mercy and Xmarlek (re-read the former, I love how immediately pissed Hazel gets when he sees Alex pulling Mercy out of that car). It's just nice because Alex has essentially pissed someone off just by being a good person, and it's some awesome Evil Is Petty points that Hazel now wants him dead, even though he ultimately got what he was trying to accomplish anyway.

Either way, even though Poppy Tear stole the show for a bit, we ultimately wound up scoring TWO new major villains over the course of this instead of one. I'm personally really excited to see Hazel fuck some shit up now that he's got a seat at the table. ^^
23rd May 2021, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
And that's our direction set for Alex's next big challenge - they went through Power, they went through O'Hara, now it's Hazel's turn. I was trying to really make this feel like a departure from form on those two; both of them were kind of above it all, Hazel has no problem getting his hands dirty. Power was mostly a matter of business and didn't really have anything against Alex personally, O'Hara was mostly doing it as part of a broader scheme that had nothing to do with Alex themselves, for Hazel this is personal. We see that Hazel has kind of the makings of a personal crew going on here with Verbren, Luciana, and Dewayne, and that'll be expanding as we go forward.

The Marvelous Man thing I think pretty perfectly encapsulates how petty and vindictive Hazel is; Marvelous Man's big crime toward him was basically showing him up and distracting from a fight with Ivy League that it was very unlikely Hazel was ever going to win in the first place and that still warranted having him spied on and then seemingly still being hung up on him after his downfall. Granted I'm not entirely certain when relatively speaking from this chapter that downfall actually happened; Blues operates on a pretty loose timeline so it can be a bit hard to pin down specifics. Still, it's bare minimum been a few weeks.

Really looking forward to the next chapter if only to see just how it ends up going over, because it's going to be pretty highly experimental for us; going to be a chapter where we try to get a lot done in a little bit of time and hoping it doesn't come off too disjointed, though ultimately the focus is relatively narrow by the end of it. That'll probably be easier to say more on when we actually get there though.

For the time being, we'll be having filler that will, other than the first page, be sort of a miniature storyline dealing with a bit of fallout from both this chapter and A Girl Named Dorothy. After that we'll have the book four cover - feel like the title of that one's going to turn some heads - and then we'll start up Four Weeks.


23rd May 2021, 11:34 PM
I don't think this is what Sarabeth had in mind with that plan of hers, oh boy what in the world is going to happen now.
28th May 2021, 12:02 AM
Martin F.
Heh, hope you'll enjoy the next chapter.