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Comic 1049 - Four Weeks, Page 19

19th Sep 2021, 11:00 PM in 28. Four Weeks
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Four Weeks, Page 19
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Author Notes:

19th Sep 2021, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
... Heh.... Uhhh... Spoilers for Blues?

Yeah, don't imagine this is a big shock; we're eventually gonna put Xandy and Lenore in the fillers together again, and having the kids all living apart is really awkward to write around. Clearly the school was gonna re-open at some point. At the time when this page was written it was unclear how long the Night Terror chapter was going to run, and it was kinda-sorta assumed that we might've wrapped up by then. So yeah, School's gonna re-open and Xandy's gonna move back to Texas. ^^

Either way, Alex is naturally heartbroken, having to lose contact with his little girl after re-connecting with her again in Dorothy's body, but he still wants what's best for her and wants her to be okay. I think this page really does a great job showing how much having Xandy in his life benefitted Alex's mental health. Guy's been going through some nasty shit since this comic started, and this little flower did a ton to ease things off for him.

Actually this is a weird page to upload after the latest Blues update. That page was low-key about how Grant's terrible parents have influenced his fears and insecurities. Here we see how Xandy does a lot to ease Alex's. Presents a really great contrast between loving and harmful family dynamics.
19th Sep 2021, 11:59 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, kind of a Blues spoiler here, albeit not really that shocking of one I'd imagine. Kind of just the way the scheduling wound up coming together, it happens. ... Naturally couldn't exactly edit the script to avoid that given it's the crux of the entire page and all.

A small touch with this page, it's the same diner we saw back in A Man and a Woman -


That just felt like a cool little callback that this was a good chance to do.

The whole subject of Xandy ending up part of the Blues cast was kind of a weird thing that just sort of happened unplanned; at the time Blue Skies with a Chance of Rayne was just going to be a one-off with her deciding not to say, but ultimately between how well she was clicking with the rest of the cast and how it'd kind of contradict Alex sort of learning to let go we decided to leave her there. However she figured into some plans for WaR, particularly what happened with Tryton, so that took some reconfiguring which conveniently we were able to use the school being closed in Blues as a chance to do.

Regardless of returning, do intend to have Xandy more involved going forward. As said within this page itself this isn't the last of her presence within this chapter or anything, and she'll probably still be heard from more often going forward even after she does.


20th Sep 2021, 12:03 AM
Very interesting.
1st Jan 2022, 12:06 AM
Not really a spoiler, it was obvious the school was going to re-open, sure problem restricted under attempted better management. Bit it was a one of kind special needs school, that the students need if only for a social community given how the other parts could have been improved. like Ms Tickle become Xandy and Lanore's teacher