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Comic 1053 - Four Weeks, Page 23

3rd Oct 2021, 11:00 PM in 28. Four Weeks
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Four Weeks, Page 23
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Author Notes:

3rd Oct 2021, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
This is sort of a quasi-conclusion of this subplot of this chapter; it is the last time we see Ivy for now, but Candice will show up again within the next five pages. We'll more properly get to see more direct follow through on it in the next chapter, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

It has been an interesting ride kind of doing this sort of chapter where the entire time we were upfront about when it was ending and the only question is what all would happen getting there. Still some twists and turns yet to come with this chapter and looking forward to a lot of what we have still to come. Though while Friday's page will go up as normal next Monday's will likely be the anniversary picture; might opt to instead go for saving it for after the chapter's wrapped up, not entirely sure, but leaning toward doing it next week instead of waiting.

I feel like Adam will have a lot to say on this one, he kind of put a lot of specific thought into some of the art choices with it, but he was tired coming in from work so might be a bit before his comments go up. Sorry for the delay on that but think he did good work with this one.

I like kind of emphasizing that Ivy as cold and standoffish as she's been, and how she really is a pretty terrible parent, it does feel like she doesn't really want to cut Candice out of her life entirely and does want some kind of relationship with her. I want to explore that dynamic further going forward, planning to at least give somewhat more information about the state of things in the next chapter though not certain to what extent.

Dumb mistake, initially when I colored this I had the background behind Ivy on the seventh panel pink like the rest of it instead of brown. I only caught it right before posting.
4th Oct 2021, 2:03 AM
Adam C.
Yeah, this page unexpectedly became a really fun one to draw, owing to the strength of the script and character. Ivy is already really a different character for us, being on the good guy's side who never tries to be anything other than abrasive. And not just in a pedestrian "They're in your face and kind of a dick" way, Ivy's flaws have always been made much more specific and real.

More to that, I love that this chapter's really been diving into her being a shitty parent without pulling any punches or trying to make Ivy look sympathetic for it. It nicely informs Candice's status as a lonely rich kid, in a way that helps you see how much Ivy's actions hurt her.

Expressions wound up a pretty critical part of that. In the first panel, Ivy is clearly bored; she's not into the conversation, and is probably mentally trying to calculate how long she has to wait before ending the call and looking TOO dickish. She's wearing her costume, implying that she's either just got off work as a hero, or this is her taking a break in the middle of it.

When Candice admits that she's been struggling emotionally, Ivy turns away from the camera (the square boxes for the head-panels here are to imply she's face-timing) so she won't have to look at her. In the next page we see it's because despite being a pretty terrible Mom she feels really guilty when she hears this. Martin's instructions for her expression in panel 4 were to be extremely reluctant and awkward, clearly not wanting to do this, but even as bad as she is not being able to say no.

Candice immediately perks up when she hears Ivy say this and spends the rest of the page smiling. While bitter, Ivy eventually feels caught offguard when she hears Candice tell her that, despite all the terrible things Ivy has said to her, she's still enjoyed talking more often. In the last panel I Ivy's just realized that she's enjoyed it too.

Yeah, just had a lot of fun with this page.... Ivy and Candice just have an interesting relationship, and depicting it is usually just very satisfying. They remeind me of some of the parent relationships in Blues. Having a parent who's entirely a terrible person is a lot more boring than one who at least makes an effort. Latter raises more complicated feelings in both the audience and the characters.


4th Oct 2021, 2:40 AM
They can never be a family again, but the simple things like talking to each other is enough.