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Comic 1102 - Moonlight on a Magic Night, Page 28

17th Apr 2022, 11:00 PM in 29. Moonlight on a Magic Night
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Moonlight on a Magic Night, Page 28
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Author Notes:

17th Apr 2022, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heh. This was a great page to read when I first saw it in the scripts.

One thing a lot of fans immediately spotted in the Discord is the fact that Eighth Sin owns a private gulag where they imprison anyone that could be dangerous without trial. While Alex didn't dwell on it much given the larger circumstance, it was clearly a troubling thought.

Ivy League is one of my favorite characters in WaR just because she comes off as one of the most three-dimensional characters in either comic. She's openly a jerk and never pretends like she's not, but has her own weird logic in trying to serve the greater good, and never pretends like this makes her necessarily a "good" person. And in a moment like this you remember that despite all her negative aspects, she's still a super-hero. She's not going to stand for something as immoral as what's being done to Jordan, and has zero problem letting her escape.

Just a great character moment for her. She has every reason to hate Jordan and want her locked up, especially after Jordan's spent the entire chapter hitting her Berserk Button, but one thing that defines Ivy is that she has a high standard for super-heroics. Looking the other way for that a corporate-criminal entity like Eighth Sin can just lock someone up with impunity would betray that about her. So while Sareena or Sarabeth would just let it happen and serve the company's interests, Ivy says "fuck that" and looks the other way.

Kinda all I got, just a very satisfying moment. ^^
17th Apr 2022, 11:02 PM
Martin F.
Feel like it most shows here and in the obvious fallout of this, but I think really on the whole a lot of this chapter has kind of wound up being an Ivy League spotlight. Not really the expected direction going into it - she was always going to be prominent but along the way a lot of the specifics of how things were going to play out were altered because it just felt more natural to do it this way - but I do think it's a good time for it to be happening. She's a character that there is a lot to unpack about that I think really benefits from the more kind sign of her we've been seeing for a lot of this chapter, even if she's still pretty far from the most admirable person in the world. One other little thing I think this page shows that, her complaining that it's cold despite the fact she gave Candice her jacket earlier.

I like that Candice is pretty clearly unsure how to feel about the whole thing. I think it's pretty clear from her attitude toward the Dorothy situation that she isn't really entirely onboard with aspects of Eighth Sin despite the fact she's being raised by an executive of it and does work for them, but she also probably has a lot of trepidation about just openly defying them the way Ivy is doing here. I'd say more than anything it might come down to just feeling confused though; over the past few chapters have to think she's probably wound up with a very different perception of her mom than she had before given how much more involved in her life Ivy's been of late, even while still at times continuing to shut her out and push her away. I imagine she probably just doesn't really know how she feels in general right now.

Few more pages left to come in the chapter, though definitely on the downslope. Hope everyone's going to enjoy what all is still to come.


17th Apr 2022, 11:14 PM
Very interesting.