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Comic 1123 - Violet Thoughts, Page 5

30th Jun 2022, 11:00 PM in 30. Violet Thoughts
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Violet Thoughts, Page 5
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Author Notes:

30th Jun 2022, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
You didn't think I would ONLY want Alex fighting bad guys, right? I kinda needed an excuse to bring up in someone else, and Lillian pointing this out was a good chance for it.

It's been mentioned and seen before that Alex has an almost suicidal need to rise to challenges, even though they're currently not even in their own body. Candice even called them out on this once (which I didn't remember when writing this page or I would've referenced it). Lillian is right in that knowingly springing a trap is a pretty stupid thing to do, but it also felt like something Alex would just sorta be up for, and I kinda love that about them. Hell, they got beat up in the aforementioned skinhead ambush but still cite it as a reason to go. This sort of thing is just sort of fun for them. Made this page a ton of fun to write. Hell, I think that's why they're so bewildered at the idea of calling the cops. Their brain sort of isn't wired that way.

Speaking of, yeah, I kinda remembered that Christina's old cult-buddies once ambushed and bum-rushed Alex when O'Hara was running the show and felt like it'd be a fun idea to bring up, especially since Alex is the kind of troll who would TOTALLY rub it in her face. Totally dig how cute they look in that one panel. ^^ In general it's fun just how casual Christina's being over all this too; she seems to just be accepting the out to ditch a study session.
30th Jun 2022, 11:12 PM
Martin F.
Heh. Yeah, this is a pretty fun one. Really like the gag with holding this over Christina's head especially, kind of just a fun, silly callback that is something it makes sense to ride her about a bit. Especially with how much it contrasts with how we've gotten to know her since.

Christina's had a bit of a weird journey really. The plan at that point was already to build to where she is nowadays as a part of Alex's social circle and being generally approachable, if quick to anger, but when she first popped up as a random person Alex was interrogating she was kind of just come up with in the moment and wound up being someone I wanted to do more stuff with as we went forward. Given some things planned for her in the future is sort of weird to think about how improvised of an addition to the cast she was initially.

Speaking of Alex's social circle, do kind of always enjoy doing stuff with Lillian as a voice of reason. I do kind of wonder if she might sometimes come off as a bit of a stick in the mud, but it does make sense that she's frequently concerned with who she believes to be her best friend just routinely rushing along into fights and making what seem to be completely erratic moves. I like this being a case where not only is she speaking sense but she manages to convince Alex of it, is a nice moment for her.


2nd Jul 2022, 11:51 PM
Okay this is different, what in the world is going to happen now.