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Comic 1124 - Violet Thoughts, Page 6

3rd Jul 2022, 11:00 PM in 30. Violet Thoughts
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Violet Thoughts, Page 6
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Author Notes:

3rd Jul 2022, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Heh, yeah, this is one I've been looking forward to doing ever since Adam wrote it. Kind of just a fun scenario for a page plus it has some good gags in it. Definitely got to like the DDR panel, Grant turning up, Ivy just giving an immediate no, Occam's blunt summary of the situation, Narcisco's pretty brutal take on the idea... Just a lot in this page I think came out fun. And hey, what better way to advertise Militant Gold than having the team's leader put in an early appearance entirely to berate the main character of this one?

Speaking of for anyone wondering, been posting regular updates on MG on our Discord but to update the status for anyone reading who isn't part of it, it's going well and should be due to launch soon. Kind of frustratingly slow coming together at points, though to be fair there've been a lot of complications of late, but as of tonight I'm down to single digits left on pages left to draw before the first chapter is done; the current plan is to launch once the first chapter is done by posting the first half of it in one go then doing batch updates from that point on. Actually funny thing is I wrapped up this page and the latest MG one at the same time... and that one doesn't have Narcisco in it. Weird how that shakes out I guess.

Think at a point Adam at least considered including Protocol on this whole process but wanted to save having her and Alex really directly interact much for a bigger situation, plus didn't want to overdo it on the Blue Blood Heroes references within this page. John's also a pretty noticeable exclusion from the group of people Alex is calling but that'll get explained in I think the next page, there is a reason for it.

Also like getting to see McShay again. Not been a super huge amount of time since she's cameoed - was in the background in the gym during the Christmas chapter - but not really been given much of a spotlight in awhile.
4th Jul 2022, 12:34 AM
Adam C.
I remember being worried about this page because I wasn't sure the joke would work, and really relieved when Martin loved it. ^^ A lot of cameos from people in a really amusing manner that just came out really fast and funny.

I dunno if this translated, but wanted this to come off more like Alex was imagining how all these calls would go, though guess that's not essential for the gags. Though in that case they was probably just calling Grant to get a laugh out of him rather than seriously expecting the kid to fly out to Atlanta.

The DDR bit came from me saying the BP girls had to be doing something ridiculous when Alex called them and being strapped for a particular idea. I think Martin was the one who suggested DDR and turned out to be a pretty funny payoff. ^^

McShay ticks off another box of "characters I wanted to write for when doing my WaR chapter," even if I think she's going going to be in it for that one panel. I honestly think I just wanted to draw her again. Art's come surprisngly far since the Christmas chapter.

Martin and I are both pretty eager to show off Militant Gold, so we both loved the chance to show off Narcisco. Tried to write her remarks on Alex to imply that she knew him well and considered him a friend to the point where she could trash talk him. REALLY can't wait to drop that comic off. ^^

I'm starting to realize that I didn't think I'd be using Alex for quite this many jokes but I'm having fun so fuckit.


4th Jul 2022, 12:39 AM
Okay this is interesting.