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Comic 1127 - Violet Thoughts, Page 8

14th Jul 2022, 11:00 PM in 30. Violet Thoughts
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Violet Thoughts, Page 8
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Author Notes:

14th Jul 2022, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
Heheh... Yeah, sorry about that, folks. Back to the comic again, folks. Back to the group driving out to fight evil.... and also Paxton's there.

Paxton is just a fun character who hasn't popped up in a bit, so thought he'd be fun to include with the group. Especially since he's an outlight for kinda more blunter, meaner jokes than I think you'd hear from the other three. Offhand the "clam bake" like.

The last panel joke was really just born from struggling to think of a good way to end this page and coming up with nothing. The last panel in the script was of the assassin on the inside of the apartment but felt so anti-climatic.... Me and Martin had joked about THIS being where the playing card idea for the new costumes came from, so figured what the hell and included it in lieu of a better joke.
14th Jul 2022, 11:03 PM
Martin F.
Yeah, is definitely fun seeing the Black Court out and rolling together, not really seen that since like one stray page a couple of chapters ago and that had been the first time in a bit as it was. Kind of reached their big arc climax with the Patriot Initiative so been a bit on the backburner until things are ready to more shift into focusing on what they're doing next, so is nice to see them more directly in the spotlight.

Card game thing I think makes for a good easy justification for the new motif with the Black Court, kind of just a fun thing. Makes sense everyone would want to get a more uniform look down with Sonia and Daryl in with the group, even if they aren't here presently, and thus would probably be looking for ideas anyway, and this is a fun goofy thing to have snowball into being what they go with.

It's sort of funny how often we end up doing scenes in and around cars given we both kind of hate doing them. They make for good transition pages to kind of move from one scene to another naturally thus they happen a lot, but Adam tends to find them a pain to draw and I tend to find them boring and clunky to color so it is weird how it's something we come back to very regularly. Hell, one of them's already written into Militant Gold for that matter.


15th Jul 2022, 10:36 PM
Very interesting.