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Comic 1136 - Violet Thoughts, Page 16

21st Aug 2022, 11:00 PM in 30. Violet Thoughts
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Violet Thoughts, Page 16
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Author Notes:

21st Aug 2022, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
This is going up about 20 minutes late on Comic Fury, though just for consistency going to list it as the usual time. Just being upfront with that.

Rushed this page as fast as I possibly could so might be looking a bit rough. Power was out from about 10:30 this morning to around 10:40 this evening and seeing as the comic goes up at 11... Funny thing is I still might have managed to finish it in time if not for the fact I had to add the tails to the dialogue, usually Adam gets that but he was too tired to when he wrapped this one up.

Makes me feel a bit guilty for not staying up to work on this one in the first place, though honestly given when the power went out I probably wouldn't have had time to finish it anyway.

In either case, yeah, very sorry for the delay on this one.

Particularly a shame though since think this one came out pretty fun. For a long while the plan was for Patricia to be behind what was going on in this chapter, but what specifically was going to happen was kind of in flux for a bit; probably go into some of that after the chapter's wrapped up but Adam had a lot of ideas that weren't really landing right before settling on this particular direction. For awhile O'Hara was going to factor into things but dunno if she'll end up showing up in the final product or not, seems like would be kind of hard to fit in.

Funny thing, that last bit was my idea. Originally the conversation kind of just awkwardly fizzled out but Adam thought it was kind of a weak ending so suggested having Alex just hang up on her (or mute her, as happened in this case) as she gets to ranting. Do really enjoy leaning into just how unhinged Patricia is when you get past the surface, is good seeing her again. First time she's popped up since the Christmas chapter, though funny enough she was at a point in time supposed to be in the previous one before ultimately being cut for time and due to Maggi attacking Alex slotting in better narratively at that point.
22nd Aug 2022, 2:46 PM
Adam C.
Aaaand now shaded... Eheh... Sorry about that, folks.

But yeah, this chapter was in talks for a looooong while and really struggled to come up with an appropriate behind-the-scenes villain for this chapter before settling on Patricia. I really wanted to use the Light That Remembers since I've been digging that whole plotline, but ideas I was pitching weren't really landing, since that story has a lot of things about it that have to be precise. Hazel is also in the middle of his rise-to-power storyarc and even though he's one of my favorite WaR villains (Probably favorite period come to think of it) I couldn't come up with a satisfactory idea with him either.

In general planning on this was really awkward on my end because WaR has a lot of balls in the air right now. We're pushing the whole "Sareena losing control of Dorothy" thing, Hazel's ascension, all the build up to the Light That Remembers, the escape at the end of the last chapter, ect. Compare that to Blues which just wrapped up a story arc and reset to a new Status Quo, which meant nothing was really being interrupted.

Actually I think Martin was the one who pitched Patricia to me as the main villain? Like he said I wanted to work in O'Hara since I really dug her as a villain too, but it didn't work out and wound up switching to Patricia instead. Hell, at one point I wanted the story to open on her visiting O'Hara in prison but somehow that got dropped so instead our main villain doesn't even show up until more than a dozen pages in.

Heh. Funny enough, I sorta AM grabbing one of the balls that the comic has in the air and running with it, but one of the ones that nobody's gonna miss. Patricia hiring every assassin/hitman/person-desperate-for-money she can to try and kill Starchild has been a pretty firmly established running joke, so taking that concept and blowing it up into a whole chapter fit just right for doing something breezy where I can just do whatever.

So yeah, when Alex says today's been random... all of that is why. ^^


22nd Aug 2022, 3:34 PM
Okay, somebody needs to get Patricia locked up in a mental hospital.