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Comic 1137 - Violet Thoughts, Page 17

28th Aug 2022, 11:00 PM in 30. Violet Thoughts
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Violet Thoughts, Page 17
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Author Notes:

28th Aug 2022, 11:00 PM
Martin F.
Wow, this is our first time seeing Chloe in awhile. Has she shown up since the Halloween chapter? Not entirely sure if she has, not been a lot of school content of late. Granted she was kind of never meant to have more of a WaR presence than just a weird classmate of Alex's anyway so it's not really that odd that she doesn't turn up super often.

Forget where exactly this idea came from; I think Adam wanted to work her into the chapter and then I threw this out as a suggestion for how to go about doing that. Probably go more into this in the next page but kind of have circumstances in mind for her that make her a good fit for stashing away something like this for a bit. Might notice she and Ada are pretty redesigned for this one; I did that of my own accord while cleaning up the page, partially a consequence of being the first time in awhile since we've seen them and partially for... other soon to be pertinent reasons. Toootally unrelated note, reminder Militant Gold starts on September 6th!

Speaking of we maaaay end up extending the reduced schedule WaR and Blues are on another week or two; we've ended up using this time to get MG in order (and that's been going well, everything going up in the initial batch is completely ready to go and there's only one very light page left to draw in the chapter that I'll probably knock out tomorrow) and to get caught up on commissions, had a lot of those sitting, but we haven't really made much progress on actually building a bit of a buffer on WaR and Blues so might end up taking a little extra time just to have more breathing room to get that in order. We'll see, we're due to have a Friday update so we'll let everyone know what we decide to do then.

In either case, kind of just another wacky transition page but do hope everyone enjoys it. Think this chapter's been a really fun one for just how breezy and comedic it's been compared to a lot of the other stuff we've done in WaR recently, it's been a nice change of pace. Curious to see where Adam takes it from here.
29th Aug 2022, 12:16 AM
Adam C.
I'm.... Curious where it goes too, since a lot of this has been played by ear.

We might be getting back to the usual schedule on Friday or we might not be, like Martin said we might do the reduced schedule for another week or so, but just in case we do, Martin suggested writing this to be a lighter page to ease back into the full schedule. Very simple but fun transition page.

Low-key one thing I'm really loving is Patricia's expressions. It's been long enough since we've drawn a bloodthirsty character that I feel we can do a better job doing these sort of "thinking about tearing your throat out with my teeth" sorta faces. I think at some point in the script I said she should be foaming from the mouth but when the time came to draw it I was too tired.

At one point we were gonna still have Ropun and Christina still hanging out and be able to take hold of Sareena and Misty (with the explanation that their boxing match lasted 3 seconds), but wound up being sidelined because we wanted to do Chloe more. ^^ In general been fun working in a lot of fun WaR characters just so I have the chance to write them. Guess now I'm just curious if I'll be able to work in Hazel.


29th Aug 2022, 12:19 AM
Ok what in the world is going to happen now.