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Comic 1142 - Violet Thoughts, Page 20

18th Sep 2022, 11:00 PM in 30. Violet Thoughts
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Violet Thoughts, Page 20
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Author Notes:

18th Sep 2022, 11:00 PM
Adam C.
OKAY! Gonna try and get back to the normal schedule! Here we go!

Alex is just a really great character to work with; this is one thing I was super excited to do with this chapter. Not just intentionally springing a trap, but letting the trap escalate so that there's no doubt how awesome you are when you come out on top? That's something the cast of Blue Blood Heroes wouldn't do. That's something I could only get writing Alex. They love the fight enough, they're brazen enough, and they're ballsy enough. The Blues kids would be satisfied getting Patricia behind bars and not have an answer for if her wealthy parents could get her out. Alex wants to break Patricia's spirit so she never does this again; kick so much ass right in front of her she has no choice by to wise up. Just made me realize how much fun I was having writing a Wright As Rayne chapter. ^^

Also I was really bored with the climax we were heading toward so figured, "Fuckit" and threw more logs on the fire to keep shit interesting.

I was reallllyyyy struggling with the idea of what to do with the next page, and this idea of having Alex just reinterate Patricia's deal felt like a nice point to take a step back and look at her. When you really think about it, she's been a background element all this time; never really being the main focus of a chapter until now. So wasn't a bad idea to go into what her deal was and what she wanted a little better. In particular I love Alex assuming she was working on O'Hara's orders at first and realizing her incompetence must mean it's all her.

Speaking of O'Hara, I mentioned the chapter was originally going to open on seeing her before that element was dropped. I just assumed she wouldn't be showing up after that, so her popping up in one panel was a pretty big surprise. We haven't drawn her since her defeat, so was good to check in with her on the more advanced art style. Digged the more wirey hair.... I was trying to get her to look more beat-up to make it clear that Alex worked her over; hence the wheelchair and arm being in a sling. I dunno how much are real injuries and how much she's milking to try and get a more lenient sentence.

I'm kinda having some fast fun writing Occam. To the point that I'm regretting that it took us this long to get into him. Leaning into the whole "Balanced warrior with an enlightened outlook" thing has been a ton of fun. Reminded me a lot of Andy but with the prankster/troll elements removed.
18th Sep 2022, 11:11 PM
Martin F.
First off, feels like it bares the reminder since still getting into the swing of things, new Militant Gold update tomorrow! Four more pages will be going up so be sure to get a look!

This one was kind of awkward to work on; pretty much had to get into it soon as I got up and wasn't particularly in the mood to do so. Still, was mostly a pretty smooth one to do, relatively straightforward and do think it came out good.

Funny enough think Adam largely covered what there is to really say on this one. Kind of just a fun direction to take things, and am glad he's getting Ash some more room to play since he is a character I'm rather fond of but we're still kind of needing to establish more about.


19th Sep 2022, 12:55 AM
Very interesting.