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Comic 1164 - Rainy Day Filler - Gabby Addy

5th Dec 2022, 6:00 AM in Rainy Day Filler
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Rainy Day Filler - Gabby Addy
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Author Notes:

5th Dec 2022, 6:00 AM
Adam C.
Heheh... Yeah, just wanted to do something more with the Twilight Zone theme, so here we go. ^^ This seemed like a natural idea to try out, given the Militant Gold chapter about to start up.

Funny enough, Talking Tina isn't even one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes? .... I guess it IS pretty memorable, right?
5th Dec 2022, 7:52 AM
Martin F.
Yeah, we haven't had the most opportunity to work on other projects or build much of a backlog for WaR so we're going to take another couple of weeks off. Sorry for that but probably would've done Christmas filler anyway so I don't think it's really a big deal just pushing things back a little bit. We'll try and give an exact date sooner rather than later.

Plus side as mentioned the next Militant Gold chapter will be starting up tomorrow - will be putting up the cover as well as a look at the fifth member of the group who hasn't been properly introduced yet - plus Blues is still running its end of the author swap.


5th Dec 2022, 10:47 PM
If you need a break take one.