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Comic 1168 - Rainy Day Filler - Biggest Victory

19th Dec 2022, 6:00 AM in Rainy Day Filler
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Rainy Day Filler - Biggest Victory
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Author Notes:

19th Dec 2022, 6:00 AM
Adam C.
Heh. Martin and I were just experimenting with improving a few minor things about the art, so dialog wound up being a last-minute thing neither of us were sure about until it was written. Wound up going with this personal biggest-victory thing.

Grant's not contributing to these conversations much because it's not his comic and the focus is staying on Alex... I think his personal voice for biggest victory might be the Night Terror or the fight with Down. ^^
19th Dec 2022, 6:25 AM
Martin F.
Yeah, this one mostly wound up being an experiment in doing some art refinements. Kind of a thing where I started out working on it since Adam was asleep and it was getting kind of late, then I passed the baton to him when he got up and we talked through some things after that point.

Not a crazy amount to say about it admittedly but were a lot of things we were kind of trying to play around with here - face shapes, thinning out arms, clothing details, trying to have more perspective in terms of facial feature placement, thinning out hair... Moreso on Alex than on Grant, since they were done first when there was a bit less of a time crunch, but tried to keep a lot of that same stuff in place when drawing him. Curious for feedback on how it worked out.


19th Dec 2022, 11:43 PM
Looks okay.